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Points to Consider While Writing Blog Content

Online business or ecommerce ventures require mutual steps to obtain charismatic results. In fact, blog content creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two sides of a coin while we talk of writing a success story in this fast developing business module. SEO is an ardent need to bring contents before the potential readers. You should thus understand how to process it for the blogs contents to come into limelight with an aim to enhance credibly in the market.

While writing and updating blogs, you need to understand one thing, which is promoting the existing blogs is equally important. Blogs improve ranking and generate traffic, despite of presenting you in the industry as a thought leader. So, try to use your time and resource to promote your new as well as old blogs.

Here are some important steps to ease their optimization.

Strategic Technical SEO Plan

Even creatively written blog contents have the chance to loose impact and meaning if fails to seek reader’s attention. SEO is a thoroughly technical process while there is ample room to write blogs creatively. It is here that you should be a practical thinker before planning to optimize a web page—especially blogs. Strategic technical SEO plan make your blogs most visible before a reader. Stuff keywords carefully by keeping in consideration technical jargons for assured search engines rank.

Focus on 1–2 Long-Tail Keywords

Of whatever type is a blog content, it matters too much to have a keen focus on keyword stuffing. Incorporate at least 1-2 long-tail keywords which can actually work. It is equally important to use keywords naturally so that they shouldn’t look like being stuffed unnecessarily.

“In case you fail in keyword stuffing rule, there is a chance of failure to gain an organic search ranking”.

Prefer Technical Jargons on Creative Elements

Creative elements are always good to bring some sort of distinction in the blog contents. To fulfill the needs of technical jargons you should include certain proportion of 1–2 keywords in a particular section of blog from where boosts are expected. It ranks high in search results and thus your purpose is fulfilled.

Technical Customization of Blogs

Blog Customization

Blog content will fail to turn effective without SEO which is a must through technical customization. Inclusion of proper keywords to headers and headlines and through having the required body length plus exclusive Meta Description is all crucial in SEO strategies.make sure to incorporate them to get the blog content noticed for optimization purpose when optimized.

Link Building

Blogs written and published in websites should have the easy incorporation of internal and external link building. Through link building you are connecting with maximum number of readers. Boost them further by using mobile friendly tools for your maximum exposure before the search engines. Also focus on the responsive designs and the addition of genuine URLs to further empower your SEO strategies applied.


SEO is a multidimensional step for blogs to attain popularity. Focus should be on exclusive optimization of Meta Titles and Description besides other sections of blog content. A reader friendly blog would be compelling to seek attention due to maximum relevancy. Focus on exact and long tail keywords is always important. Image optimization is equally necessary thus you must concentrate on them all.

Avoid similar-looking topic tags in optimization process. If possible explore internal linking and also focus on Google’s Search Console for effective SEO strategy. Last but not the last the concentration should be on preparing best quality blog contents; proper determination of targeted keywords; appealing strong Meta Titles and Descriptions to timely analyzing and revising of contents to obtain genuine SEO outcomes.


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