Spy on your Customers

Should You Spy on the Existing or Potential Customers to Write Blogs?

While welcoming the New Year 2018, online business owners should definitely have their new resolutions for another eventful year ahead. Let it prove a mega success for you. You stayed firm in the online business with determination throughout 2017, that bides us farewell in mere couple of days. Operational success of your websites couldn’t be possible in the absence of high rankings. They brought your businesses in the leading positions. You will like similar pace or more than that in future too.

It was equally a big challenge for most of you to generate enough traffic and thus get the leads. Retaining pace of your ranking in the last twelve months might also prove a daunting task for you. With similar renewed energy and a commitment for the year which approaches sooner, you should be well-prepared now. Have you ever thought how to leave charismatic business impact in the cutthroat competition in online business world today?

Let your resolution bring new impetus now by motivating all existing as well as potential clients. Experts at SEO Content agency in India discuss here whether an idea to spy on the customers for blogging concepts can truly bring any difference. It is discussed thoroughly how there can occur big transformation with such smaller but innovative steps and initiatives you should take now.

#You observe customer preferences

You observe customer preferences

Spying on the clients doesn’t mean you disturb their daily life activities. It is a sort of research you do to observe their preferences. Once you are aware of what they seek or come to know their intentions, you can create blog contents accordingly. If blogs are posted on the sites and made viral through different social media channels or even site promotions, you ascertain people to take interest in reading them. They take interest in reading such blogs because they feel you have tried to convey their ideas through blog posts. This is how you come closer to them.

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#Receive ample guidance for keyword planning

Strategic plan in a business proves helpful to move ahead in leaps and bounds. If you are able to get truly connected to the customers to spy on them for something positive you indeed obtain many things. Website contents or blog posts without any keywords mean a singing concert before a deaf. Through the unique connectivity of spying on customers to learn and evaluate what they think about various products & services, you easily customize as well as plan the keywords to use in blogs. With genuine keywords that actually seek everybody’s attention, your site receives the required traffic to beat competition thus prove highly beneficial. It is unique step to do a research on keywords that can actually bring positive impact by helping your website to rank high.

#Little bit of customer research

Undoubtedly, when you use various means to go closer to your customers with the sole aim to know their intentions about the products & services, you conclude about their habits as consumers. In this process, you indeed start doing direct or indirect research on them. It is obvious that in endowing little bit of customer research, you are in a right place to judge them the best. Thus, you highlight such factors in blogs written to post in the website.

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#Incorporate customer centric personification

It goes without saying that through close evaluation or glimpsing in the lives of the customers, you come to know many of them personally. The moment you use some of the selected statements of general masses as common opinions in the blogs, you indeed turn them loyal. They not only feel happy to remain connected to you as the loyal customers but also start doing word-of-mouth promotion of your business for such unusual favor of giving them a newer recognition.

#Avenues for genuine feedback

Spying on customers doesn’t mean you cause unnecessary worries for the existing as well as potential customers. As it is solely aimed at coming closer to the masses, it indeed begins newer avenues for a genuine feedback. You are aware of the public mood thus try to understand their needs better. When you are ready with that and know them well you will definitely be prepared thus voluble in replying feedbacks on the blogs posted on your website. Overall, it brings great respite as an ultimate means to begin a new communication between an entrepreneur and the clients.


Spying on customers doesn’t mean you are peeping in their lives to cause any sort of harm to them. You simply use one more means to understand the mood of your existing and potential customers. It is a sort of demographic research done to read the minds of your clients. Obviously, it proves one more option to get quantitative data on people for their preferences for products & services. That is why such steps are favorable to craft and polish blogs to use in websites. You come in a position to bring more sophistication and fact finding thus turn blogs worthwhile. By doing so, you ascertain new dawn for your ecommerce venture.

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