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How to Use Social Media for Link Building

Drastic changes have occurred in our societies today. They have equally affected our lifestyles. It has causal relation with social media platforms as part and parcel of our lives now. We need to rethink on it how its uses or avoidances do matter. If we talk about the Link Builders and Webmasters, then this factor must be understood strategically.

Scenarios are fast changing in the businesses and for the business. Emergence and then boom of social media is witnessed everywhere. It has become mandatory for every brand or even the celebrities to think of online reputation and or branding with effective social media management plans. Those in the Link Building as link builders should understand such interminable values.

They must rely on most practical link building strategies when building an online reputation and branding. Social media and SEO are always interlinked. Thorough & comprehensive social media strategies not only improve traffics but also support an ongoing SEO campaign to benefit you to the best extent possible.

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Thrive Agency reveals about it that people nowadays have started spending more time on mobile applications than in front of their televisions. In addition, social media advertising expenditure is expected to reach to $36B in 2017 worldwide.

Social Media Link Building Strategies

Link building is considered as one of the main elements of SEO. And, without an effective link building strategy, your goal to achieve first page ranking won’t fulfill. Social media plays vital role to advance link building strategies. You can’t ignore that. Spend quality time researching for new action plan to obtain fruitful result.

Benefits of Link Building on Social Media

It is well understood that there are countless benefits of spending time and building links on popular social media channels. Experts at SEO Content India enlist select few advantages which often come into limelight. Besides discussing popular social media channels, we also highlight numerous other related factors:

Improves your brand exposure

Being active on various social media channels will prove beneficial for you on many grounds. The most important factor is to support in improving website ranking by bringing multilayered traffic. Other major advantage of it is that it tremendously improves your brand exposure.

According to Social Media Examiner, major social media platforms as mentioned below offer with direct advantage of such exposures.

  • Maximum reach with Facebook through its nearly 1.86 billion active users
  • Reaching out to people through Twitter with its 319 million active users
  • Easy reach to people through Instagram that has 600 million active users
  • Connected through LinkedIn which has at least 500 million active users

Based on the above mentioned statistics, many corporate houses or entrepreneurs with vision for brighter tomorrow look forward to get their businesses promoted on the social media channels for their maximum reachability.

Improve your visibility and build credibility

Each popular social media channel allows you to write about your company. Thus, you can easily express your attributes. They ease for you to place website links on the sites which people notice. By doing that you not only improve ranking of your website but also build credibility amongst large chunk of audiences.

Writing elaborately about your company or its products & services equally prove helpful for readers. Such steps educate potential customers. Improved visibility brings traffic to your website to accelerate credibility. It further peruses traffic to take action for your favor.

Improved brand loyalty

social media link building boost brand loyalty

Regular social media activities equally help to improve brand loyally. It increases loyal customers. Brands engaged on social media channels get higher loyalty from the audience than those not active in such platforms. Regular activities or audience engagements help companies to improve number of loyal customers thus increase in the sales lead. While an individual starts following a brand in social media, he/she literally becomes more loyal to that particular brand.

Establish your brand as a ‘Thought Leader’

With continuing with regular social media updates, you literally establish your brand as an authority or ‘thought leader’ in a particular industry you are in. By sharing relevant contents and or replying to the industry-related questions, you can use social media channels as your solid platform. Gradually, you are being considered an authority and industry leader. This is how you get noticed easily. It is important that you must write actionable contents even though using that on social media platforms. You can easily engage audiences and coax them to take action through your scholastic messages.


We understood from above mentioned factors that there is no dearth of the specific dynamics which truly work to support through social media. Our experts highlighted most notable ones as tips and strategies that make big difference. Implementing them in your business plan or strategies would prove helpful to improve ranking besides escalating brands. Gradually you start gaining credibility when your website is linked to all major and minor social networking sites. That is why it is necessary to spend quality time on social networking sites to attain greater rewards. When a link builder follows such tips, he/she doesn’t need to go anywhere for link building.

For in-depth assessment and information on this topic, please feel free to contact SEO Content India team. We have dedicated professionals who have extensive experience in social media marketing services. Our specializations are for Facebook Marketing & Advertising; LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising Services and YouTube Video Promotion Services etc. Get connected to us now to avail more such services.

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