SEO Rankings Dropped

SEO Rankings Dropped: A Guide to Its Total Recovery

Running websites requires passionate dedication like you groom somebody through all-encompassing nourishment. It is well understood that you should do hard work by implying dedicated efforts to fulfill your dream to see your websites on top of a search engine result page. How do you feel that one fine day your high ranked website on Google which used to showcase the products and services you dealt in after having been brought into limelight earlier through hard-earned ranking have suddenly succumbed to an unexpected low?

If such devastating scenarios occur at any point of time, then rather than feeling panicked, you should start doing thorough introspection. It is high time you look for the primary causes to find out an appropriate solution for the damage control. You will surely overcome such situations by implying appropriate measures to come out of such situations.

What Causes Ranking Drop?

It would be easy to determine as well as find proper solutions which will actually prove fruitful for you when you are made aware of it what caused the impromptu ranking drop. You will be at a right place to determine what actions to take for the recovery purpose in such situations. Don’t forget that you can’t attain consistent traffic without rankings. Without traffic or due to its slowdown, your sales will eventually start dropping.

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Let’s discuss some of the troubleshooting tips in this blog post. Our experts at SEO Content India advise how to determine the reasons if your SEO rankings drop suddenly, and what are the effective measures to recover that smoothly.

#1. Lost Ranking Due to Google Penalty

Google Penalty

Keep the Google webmaster guidelines into consideration whenever you start your SEO strategies. In case you don’t follow these guidelines knowingly or unknowingly, Google will automatically or manually penalize the website. That is why it is always important for the webmasters to keep reviewing them by auditing their websites if they are complaint with the set guidelines or not.

The market is flooded with countless Google penalty checker tools. You can get any that suits to your need and thus get this task done. Such tools will greatly help you to find out primary reasons for the possible penalties, and also what might have caused that scenario you didn’t expect. Once you are brought into notice by finding the reasons including the cases of duplicate contents and unnatural links et al, you will have to accept Google’s decision calmly. It would be the right time to start a new strategy to fix the problem rather than getting panicked unnecessarily.

Such is the process to overcome bad phase but you shouldn’t also forget it that it might take some time to resolve the issue. You need to send a reconsideration request to Google to recover from the penalties. Upon finding your case right in order, you will be given clean chit the sooner.

#2. Ranking Dropped Due to Losing Important Backlinks

Sometimes, your website drops SEO ranking because it losses backlinks from a high quality and authoritative website as well. Such issues arise due to number of reasons, including the following:

  • The website with your backlinks could have shut down its business
  • The website with your backlinks could have been penalized by Google
  • The website with your backlinks may have been removed, updated or replaced

In such scenario though, you have two options, one – contact the webmasters of the said website and ask for links to be replaced. Two, start building backlinks in authority websites so that you get back your ranking status.

#3. Rankings Drop Due to Your Website’s Speed

You might have developed a great website which has SEO optimized content and so are you doing good SEO practices. You definitely deserve applauds for that. If you still suffer a rankings drop then it is a matter of great concern. It would be the right time to say bye-bye to your existing web hosting company to look for effective options. Perform website speed tests on regular intervals to check the performance of your website.

Google has already confirmed that website speed impacts Search Engine Rankings. Slow websites have higher bounce rates as users don’t wait more than 10 seconds to open a website. In this digitalized age today, you must optimize your website for the mobiles devices as well. A Report by SearchEngineLand reveals that nearly 60 percent of the searches are now from the mobile devices.

#4. Experience an SEO Drop Due to Redesign of Your Website

SEO Drop Due to Redesign of Your Website

Sometimes, small changes on your website do matter the most. When you start doing a website redesign, it is always a smart idea to keep the 301 redirect plan ready in place. By doing so, you can send your visitors to new and improved pages. In this process, you also get the opportunity to inform Google to disregard the old pages and to give ranking priorities to the redesigned ones instead.

#5. Your Competitors Outranked You

Sometimes, losing your rankings in the SERPs doesn’t mean you have failed. It can mean that someone else did a better job this time. Improving the ranking of your website is an important task but maintaining the SEO ranking is equally a vital job for you which you mustn’t underestimate. Keep watching your competitors’ moves, and as and when possible try to integrate best SEO practices to counter all situations. Watch and analyze the competitor websites diligently to obtain clearer picture of what SEO strategies they actually do. You should thus adjust your SEO strategies accordingly in such contexts to counter the prevailing situations.

Final thoughts

Whenever your SEO rankings start dropping, the first and foremost thing for you is to find out its reason to sort out the issues rather than getting panicked. Once you find it out, you will be in a position to take the corrective action to possibly reverse all damages which had happened. Above mentioned tips will definitely help you to save your website at the right juncture.

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If you still have any confusion and want us to explain more, do contact our experts for your webmasters to have better idea and to clear the doubts. We ascertain that by following the above mentioned 5 checklists we prepared for you, you will indeed be closer to determine the cause of that instant drop of your website ranking. You will be in a position to restore rankings by meticulous and strategic action plan.

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