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Protection from the Negative SEO Attacks

Running websites can be a draconian task in the current context when unlimited yet impromptu setbacks often push them backwards. So, if you own any such website which you seek to operate flawless, keep doing extensive groundwork for consistent and coherent maintenance. Under the general perception or strategic plan, your website must function under certain rules and regulations.

Performing SEO strategies to rank keywords in organic searches would be the most notable part of your strategy to keep your website ahead in the race. By having an effective and perfectly tailored SEO strategy in place, the next step would be to focus on improving traffic to your website. It will resultantly convert the traffic into the paying customers. This is how you attain success through keeping your website in the leading position.

Until now, we focused on the good side of the story. In the meantime, let’s also remain prepared to encounter negative SEO outcomes as well. What could be the potential modus operandi that might cause such negativities? An unforeseen caveat must be in your strategy list while planning website operation to make it systematic and hassle-free for operation. There are probabilities that once your website as online face of a company starts generating organic leads, good chunk of unethical or malicious competitors start involving in the wrongdoings with the sole aim to sabotage quality and rankings of your website. So, their strategies would be to perform negative SEO against your website to bring embarrassing situation for you.

What is Negative Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What is Negative Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Negative SEO can be defined as any possible malicious attempt taken against a certain website with this aim to harm rankings and thus affect traffic. In fact, most of the negative SEO steps take place in the general cases of any angry employee or Competitor Companies developing the strong desire to outrank you of the rankings for a specific keyword. They thus plan such strategies in jealousy to let you move downwards through their illegitimate SEO steps intended for your loss.

Through negative SEO, it is possible to damage any website by using the malicious backlinks besides aggressive backlink spamming etc. You should also keep checking your website on regular intervals to avoid facing such unwelcome scenarios. Also keep your preventive measures handy to counter any such thing that might possibly damage your website badly. The moment you find anything suspicious is happening with your website, take an appropriate preventive step instantly to avoid the ranking and traffic losses or any other possible damages.

Types of Negative SEO

  • Getting the site de-indexed
  • Altering your contents
  • Link farms
  • Scrapers
  • Fake reviews
  • Heavy crawling
  • Click frauds
  • Modifying the Redirects

How to Protect Your Website from Negative SEO?

Whether you are a victim or even simply think that you might be a possible victim in future thus you must remain well prepared to protect your website against any potential attack in future, our webmasters explain preventive measures to keep in consideration. If you incorporate them in your website operations strategy, then you can definitely protect your website against negative SEO to ensure best safety.

#1. Perform Link Audits Regularly

You should keep checking your backlink profile on regular intervals. Monitoring your link profile is a great way to find out any suspicious activity occurring for possible damages. Get that resolved instantly before it goes out of your control. If you suddenly notice a huge spike or drop in ranking even though you haven’t been working on link building strategies, then it is perhaps the right time for you to take action to find out possible reasons. And, thus you should follow the safeguarding measures to keep your website safe and secure.

#2. Check Your Site’s Speed

Site speed is equally an important ranking factor. If your site’s speed is getting slow day by day then it is the time you think seriously with genuine measures. In case you can’t find anything serious while there still remains a problem, you might possibly be a victim of forceful crawling activity. Forceful crawling activity would lead to heavy server load. It means that your website would be bound to slow down. There are also possibilities of it getting crashed. You should thus take the best preventive measures.

#3. Check for Duplicate Contents

Check for Duplicate Contents

Duplicate contents might also cause to outrank your website of the rankings for the specific keywords. Your competitors can copy and paste your website content at as many places as they can with this aim to damage your reputation. This way, there is a big possibility that your website would get penalized so that it starts losing its organic rankings. To check whether your contents are copied or not, you can get the help of to avoid any such problems.

#4. Watch Your Social Media Mentions

In order to harm your online reputation and to degrade ranking, your competitors or any of the jilted employees might create the fake social media accounts in your website or company name. They do so with this single aim to damage your reputation. To find out who might be using your brand name or publishing any irrelevant or reputation damaging post, you can use the popular tools especially mention to find out such issues and get them resolved.

#5. Choose the Latest SEO Strategies

You must ensure not to hurt rankings of your website while using the SEO techniques which aren’t acceptable to Google. Latest SEO techniques will definitely improve rankings as well as traffic of your website. SEO activities, which you need to avoid include:

  • Avoid getting backlinks from the penalized websites
  • Don’t buy or sell the links
  • Avoid low quality guest posts
  • Avoid link farming
  • Skip keyword cannibalization

#6. Upgrade Your Safety

Apart from Negative SEO, you also need to look for unique ways to safeguard your website from the cyber-attacks. You should thus migrate to the HTTPS instead as it not only offers greater security but also remains a ranking signal. It will have maximum chances for you to improve the overall SEO results.


Being in the trade as an entrepreneur, you must remain well prepared to deal with all challenges or circumstances—including the unpleasant situations. It is universal fact that with your growth, you also start making enemies in several fronts. Your enemies can be the jilted former employees or competitors and or counterparts that might possibly start negative SEO to damage your reputation. Therefore, you should make it a routine to keep checking your website on regular intervals to also ascertain taking right decisions at the right time.

Keeping your website safe from all sorts of negative SEO strategies or activities by either any of your competitors or jilted employees might prove difficult for you every time. Through involving our webmasters, you are rest assured to safeguard your website. It will definitely stay safe from any potential attack and perform well in the search engines due to our experts’ protection strategies.

If you want to safeguard your website from negative SEO or different types of writing services, do let us know. We are a team of professionals working round the clock to satisfy each client.


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