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How do you market your business online, instantly?

Today is the age of biggest transformation ever due to annexation of the thin line between traditional and globally boomed online business operations. It is an era of digital resurgence so none can ignore online business promotions. If you fail to do so and ignore focusing to promote your business’s online sales, you rather invite doom. It will indirectly support your competitors to surpass you. This is the main reason that almost all entrepreneurs, company owners or business managers look for easiest as well as simplest avenues to showcase the products and/or services in front of the targeted audiences. Strategic planning increases sales besides redoubling business prospects through retaining existing customers and to approach potential ones.

There is availability of several ways to showcase your business for promotion. But you must choose most economical and feasible options in order to sustain in the market for longer period. Like every competitor does, you delve into the market to sell products and/or services to the targeted customers. You might have budget constraints due to limited funding. No need to worry for promotional campaigns as you still have best possibilities to successfully promote your businesses without spending unnecessary funds now. Explore most comprehensive, easiest, hassle-free and economical online business promotion initiatives. It will bring your peace of mind.

10 Ways to Promote Businesses Online for Almost Free

Promote Your Business for free

To prove the aforesaid viewpoint, online marketing team at SEO Content India has put up together the list of 10 unique ways to promote businesses online for almost free. In fact, such online marketing ideas hardly cost you any money. What it needs is your one time investment of time and energy with total dedication.

#1. Start with an effective SEO plan

Strategically planned and focused SEO services will help you obtain genuine organic search engine ranking. It will thus bring traffic to your website thereafter. You can do it yourself or hire an SEO agency to receive best and professional services in this domain. Avoid black hat SEO activities like link farming and keyword cannibalization amongst others to maintain your authenticity before the search engines.

Some popular SEO activities for 2017:-
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Forum Submission
  • Blog Directory Submission
  • Article & Guest Post Submission
  • Question & Answer
  • Video Submission
  • Image Submission, etc.

#2. Be active on social media

By keeping your company social media accounts up-to-date and through remaining active on them, you can definitely avail several benefits. So, keep posting on new updates on regular intervals. This will ascertain sufficient customer engagement for your easy promotions. Likes, comments and shares are the other engaging tools. If you do the same for others’ posts and invite them to do so, you can easily increase traffic and conversions which benefit you the most. Consider Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising, YouTube video promotion and et al for the said purpose to get huge traffic in the least possible time.

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#3. Write blogs regularly

Write and publish blogs on your websites on regular intervals. While publishing them, you mustn’t forget using both internal linking and external linking as they are too much helpful to bring engaging atmosphere. Fresh and quality blog contents will easily invite Google Crawlers to crawl. Blogging has been considered as one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to enhance inbound marketing efforts. It boosts traffic to your site thus attract more perspective customers.

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Some Benefits of blogging:-
  • Boosts SEO
  • Improves Branding
  • Makes Direct Communication
  • Connects with the People
  • Improves Traffic

#4. Write press releases

Whenever your organization takes any step which you consider newsworthy, ensure you don’t forget to shoot a press release thereafter. It will definitely keep potential readers well-informed of what new steps you take. Journalists and various media outlets will instantly pick your release and publish that in respective niche areas. This way you improve inbound links for your organization. It is helpful to improve organic ranking that can directly impact your business venture. It is also one of the economical ways to get your voice listened by millions of people. Several PR sites allow you to publish your PRs for free thus you hardly need any financial backup for that purpose. All you need to do is create an account and write high quality press release to get them published and spread without any hassles.

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#5. Respond to your customers

respond to customers

Whether you receive an email or a comment on company’s social media accounts, you must ensure responding to that immediately. This way you not only help your potential customers but also improve overall online branding and credibility of your organization. Sometimes, you might also get a bad or negative comment. You should therefore remain careful in such situations to resolve those issues of your existing or potential customers who were not satisfied.

#6. Send newsletters

First, collect email addresses of your potential customers from different sources. Once it is done, start sending online newsletters to them all on regular basis. Your newsletters will coax them to take action and fill in online query form. You should thus write actionable newsletters. And, thus you can passively promote your business to the people that you are in contact with them on daily basis.

#7. Market your content on Medium and Quora

Startups should also generate some inbound links through sites like Medium and Quora. It will not only help them garner some relevant traffic, but also help to gain traction on the Google’s SERPs. It is equally effective for the organizations with less than 2 years’ old domain with little authority built up to gain advantage. Once you publish your post, share it on various social media channels you handle to ascertain genuine engagement and traffic.

#8. Offer coupons

There are several deal sites which attract millions of users to their portals. You can offer coupons to lure your customers and let them come into your fold. So, if you can come up with a gorgeous deal not to ignore easily, you can definitely receive good number of buyers at your website at no cost.

#9. Offer discounts time and again

Offering discounts is equally important and great means to invite your potential customers to visit your website. They will assess your products and services when you have some offers for them. Their visits will boost your traffic as part of the SEO efforts. As people deliberately look for some stuffs which attract them, chances are high for them to make up mind for a business deal. It will thus increase chances of conversions.

#10. Be in touch with the existing customers

Being in touch with your existing customers also increases chance to improve sales. You can ask them to write positive feedbacks. It is vital for the online marketing industry. Your existing customers can also work as a referral for you. Furthermore, you must explore all other avenues to improve sales by applying various means of communication.


There is no dearth of options to use for online businesses promotions. Above mentioned 10 ways to promote companies and their products or services online are vital as proven ones. Our online sales experts enlisted these important tips on the basis of their proven success rates. All you have to do is to think out of the box; be creative and use these tips prudently. Imply them by taking professional help of the experts who deal in it. A few of the above mentioned tips will yield results instantly, while some might take few weeks or even months before you can see an outcome.

The tips discussed above don’t make any hole in your pocket as you are not advised to invest too much money for the said purpose. You should though have effective time management and careful plan to achieve such goals. A few steps might require you to invest funds but they are one-time investments only.

You can feel free to write to us and discuss with our experts if having any queries related to these tips. Experts at Content Agency in India will be eager to support you for your online business promotion campaigns.


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