an Outdated Website can Hurt your Business

How an Outdated Website can Hurt your Business

The last couple of decades has seen a pragmatic transformation in all kinds of communications, including business & commerce. This change has brought the world closer to your doorstep. Geographical locational variances as the distances between the sellers & the buyers have become insignificant. While on one hand, it is a big boon both for an alert customer & for the smart seller, it is a bane for the non-professionally managed business houses who don’t update their sales tools & product display windows just to face the doom.

In spite of an ever-innovative customer reach & business improvement strategies, the market is flooded every second day through the platforms other than the web, thus the significance of web-marketing is galloping at an unbelievable speed. Out of around 2 billion websites in all over the world, there are less than 200 million websites are active.

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While each one is working hard to serve the same old wine in the new bottles, the basic principle of marketing & selling of an idea or a product, is based on the age-old AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire & Action) technique. It is equally relevant to business promotion through the websites.

Outdated websites fail to draw attention & fall flat on the very first step. Therefore, website owners consider frequent website updates to make relevant and user-friendly.

Drawbacks of having an outdated website

an Irritated Customer

Let’s discuss the applicability of these six step strategies with regard to web-marketing one by one.

1. Drawing customer’s attention

If the website is outdated in terms of its name, keywords, general appearance, format & a catchy opening line, it fails to draw the attention of a serious customer, who has the choice of thousands of similar products & services available at the press of a button. If they somehow reach your website, they will leave it in no time.

2. Generating interest in your product

Now that you have a very presentable website opening section, the next step is to retain the interest of the customer to surf your site further. This is marred totally, if the speed is sluggish on account of the auto display videos, background music, flash animation etc., forcing a customer to shift to some other site. Now when your website is fast & user-friendly, the next step is to have a very crisp content written & displayed in a very well researched racy format. This step requires tons of experience for a content writer in terms of customer segmentalization & the psychology thereof.

3. Arousing desire to close the deal

An outdated website leaves the customers high & dry even after passing the first two hurdles. The customer at this stage wants to know the minutest of details of the products, comparative advantages over the similar products and et al. Even very smartly presented websites fail to close the deal due to lack of information and or no ready to understand language & format availability. Never presume that a customer has plenty of time for surfing the web. Hence, remove all unwanted lengthy stories & USP’s which are very common in the old & outdated sites.

4. Action by the customer

Great if your customer has crossed the first three steps & is now in the action taking mode. It is at this stage that he/she looks into the company’s address, contact number, payment gateway details, details of the key functionaries etc. If the website is outdated & these crucial data are not updated, the customer loses confidence, resulting in an aborted deal.

5. Building your Credibility

No matter, how great you are if your website is outdated; there is an increased chance that the website can hurt your company’s credibility. Prospects and customers will leave from your website if it is not updated. If prospects and customers don’t trust your website, then they don’t trust your company as well. If you haven’t updated your blog posts for quite some time now or you are showcasing programmes or events that happened a year ago, then your company will be looked disorganized and sloppy. So, try to keep your website content fresh and relevant as well.

6. Improving Organic Ranking

Popular search engines, including Google, love well researched, engaging, SEO friendly and fresh content. Google is relentlessly working to improve the quality of its search results. If your website is not mobile friendly, then the website is surely going to lose its ranking and traffic. Check out this Mobile-Friendly Test Tool Now.

Bottom line: Make sure that:

  • The first appearance of the website is craftly written to draw the attention of the customer.
  • The introductory section is too catchy to create an interest in the customer to continue with the page.
  • That the third section has all the USP’s in a very concise yet fulfilling content.
  • That the pricing, payment mode & contact details are updated & available in the user-friendly format.

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