Importance of press releases in SEO

How Press Releases are Useful for SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a broader perspective in online business operations which seeks multifarious steps to attain the targeted results. The purpose is to obtain best of the results sought from such effective website promotional plans. Remember it that your website won’t be able to generate any traffic until and unless it starts getting noticed in the deep sea of Internet world through potential visitors.

Undoubtedly, several ways and means are available beforehand that can always create wonders by helping to get the websites ranked thus ascertain they are being noticed therefore start generating the leads.

Apart from PPC, email marketing, social media, and offline advertising to rest forms of promotional steps, SEO is equally helpful and effective to improve website ranking. Such strategies don’t end with the above mentioned support factors only. Indeed, Press Releases (PR) equally play pivotal role to bring mesmerizing results through adding more popularity therefore best website rankings.

While creating Press Releases, one must keep in consideration certain noticeable factors which can pave the way for a new dawn. One should start with the basic step of ensuring to select or choose only burning or great topics which are up-to-date thus best viable ones to bring the results. There are maximum possibilities that such topics would be liked, admired, appreciated and of course criticized by the prospects. The resultant impact would be an initiative for smooth ranking of your website. Furthermore, you should always prefer submitting your releases manually.

Do Press Releases help SEO?

Do Press Releases help SEO

The proven fact is that a Press Release isn’t going to give you the direct benefit as you will receive the no-follow backlinks. But always remember this fact as well that even no-follow backlinks do have certain SEO benefit which you can definitely avail. Some indirect benefits of PRs include – improving brand awareness, generating the referral traffics and increasing the social media shares for wider presence. To get most out of your PRs, you need to include the vital elements in your press releases.

It is thus understood in a wider perspective that Press Releases always remain crucial for the SEO purposes. How PRs are helpful for you to improve the rankings of the respective websites? Webmasters consider that PRs are crucial for SEO because they remain helpful in creating quality links, improving the traffic and et al to bring for you amazing results.

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Benefits of Press Releases

Link Building

Links are considered one of the essential components to improve the rankings of any website for which such steps are often taken. It is also a proven fact today that getting quality links have literally become a tough nut to chew nowadays. PRs thus prove helpful for you get high quality links with ease. The sooner you write any Press Release and submit that in respective PR hosting sites, large chunk of websites picks up your PRs upon finding them worthy and interesting subjects to resubmit them on their websites. That is how newer channelization begins without doing too much efforts.

Brand recognition

Branding is also an important aspect in business operations. Effective branding and its propagation through the digital platforms in the online world vociferously augurs and assists Google to consider your website in the SERPs. As and when your brand name gets a mention on different places or platforms, especially on multiple social media channels, news websites or elsewhere on the web, there is no doubt in it that Google starts considering you a trusted company to be supported to improve your rankings. So, it can be said that branding is also vital for rank improvements.

Online reputation management

The fact is undeniable that receiving positive as well as negative reviews remains the part and parcel of any business operations. In case you find some negative comments on the first page on the search engines, then you should worry about it because it might hamper your sales. You should consider projecting effective and persuasive PRs in such situations. They are bound to appear on the first pages for an image makeover and thus gradually push negative reviews on your corporation to backyard.

Instant exposure

Your press releases receive instant exposures because they are fast channelized in the little time. Small and medium sized companies would have minimum budget for their strategies to promote the brands or products/services thus they always look for the affordable options. PRs ensure for your instant exposures at the minimum cost.

Increase traffic

Press Releases play vital role to increases traffic to your website thus their values can’t be underestimated. A planned, effective and qualitatively written Press Release would definitely coax the general masses and people irrespective of their individual preferences to click and start reading the complete story. The moment they develop interest in your creatively written Press Releases, you start attaining success through getting noticed by large chunk of readers in one go. You can backlink to your website to get total SEO benefits besides perusing each and every reader to land on your website. Sometimes, PRs start ranking on the search engines. Resultantly, they would start generating traffic to your website.

Boost your social presence

Once you get success in posting your Press Release in the reputed and known PR submission websites, half of your task is done. You are in the win-win situation because mere presence of your Press Release on such sites would result into getting channelized easily on multiple platforms. It won’t take much time for your Press Release to get posted, reposted and published on countless such platforms.

Furthermore, you can use all such online platforms or posts on your social media channels. That would ensure an added value and benefit through helping you to get thorough attention of your social media fans and followers.


Press Releases are definitely supportive and extremely helpful to improve rankings, generate traffic and thus boost the sales. The need of the hour is that how planned and sincerely you craft the Press Releases with rich and informative contents. It should be up-to-date and interesting to cater to the needs of the target readers. Informative and quality PRs are always picked up by the media houses or journalists thus the chances are high for their getting republished.

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