Pitch Your Startup to the Media

Meticulous PR pitching popularizes your startup before wider readerships

It might be an easy task for any determinant individual to begin a startup and thus translate one’s dreams into realities. What matters the most is that how effectively and systematically startups are being run to turn into success stories. Attaining that towering success requires one to do lots of planning and their execution accordingly to achieve the goals. Recently held researches have brought an alarming reality which needs to be understood that between 50-95 percent of the start-ups fail within their first 18 months of inception itself.

The research findings make one understand the proven reality and the niche factors that one of the primary reasons of such failures or the failing startups remains lack of market or wrong marketing strategies for products or services dealt in. It means that all those startups having faced the failure might have jumped into the startup bandwagon without doing prior researches.

Social media marketing or content marketing might be at their peak nowadays, but they have not outdone the benefits you should receive from the press coverage. Getting your business covered in the reputed and famous web portals, newspapers, magazines and or websites can drastically boost your brand to cement a reputation to be admired while also improving the traffic therefore helping to enhance overall rankings. Media coverage can equally improve interest of your potential customers, investors and even talent pools to take interest in your business as variegated stakeholders to join hands with you.

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Whether you are looking to create a small startup, improve the brand image of your company or planning to launch a new product or service, media coverage always plays pivotal role. Such strategies would ensure that you get noticed at the right time and before the most appropriate people or audiences you are willing to reach out to. Rest factors are also crucial therefore they too play crucial roles. Apart from getting noticed, you start selling your products and services once you attain that recognition sought and then trust is developed through your constant exposures.

Do you want suitable media coverage for your brand and look for the avenues? Have you ever sent a press release pitch to any journalist or a media house? Do you receive the answer of pitches you might have sent to them? Probably, your answer would be naught. The proven fact is that 93% of the pitches won’t get a response in the general case. You need to be a fighter being in the rest 7% to get your pitch noticed, recognized and appreciated as well.

How to Prepare Your PR Pitches?

How to Prepare Your PR Pitches

Our experts have enlisted here some tips and tricks of PR pitch writing. They will definitely prove helpful for you to stand out among the flood of pitches which large chunk of journalists and media houses receive almost every day.

#1. Pitch ideas, not your company profiles

Journalists and media houses receive uncountable emails every day. Chances are high that they would hardly be interested in knowing your company profiles and or the products/services you offer to your specific target audiences. Rather than self-eulogization, you must find out the most interesting angle from your company or organization through the products/services you deal in and share that noticeable angle thereafter as a pitch to be noticed and accepted.

It will definitely appeal to media houses to at least assess your pitch. If you want an advertisement to be published in their publications, then you should opt for the rest ways they have already prescribed for the said purpose. It is crucial that you do your research extensively to tell an interesting story by offering to present a few angles that could be worked out well.

#2. Keep it short & simple

Since journalists receive large volume of mails throughout the day, they usually don’t find enough time to read out the longer emails. Even if you are able to have developed any connection or rapport with some of them, they would keep yours as saved for the future reading. Your press release pitches should therefore remain comparatively shorter and at the same juncture scannable too. You must explain in that why the story you have presented them remains newsworthy and thoroughly different from the rest to be considered by them.

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#3. Unveil the story potentials

Journalists and media house representatives would get bored or distracted and probably won’t care much about a story you said in an email if it lacks potentiality. You are advised to keep your story shorter, to the point, and of course unveil that story into a potential one to be appreciated. Once you start getting their attention, they would approach you to have more information from you, if needed. At the end of the pitch while concluding, you may provide your website URL, video, etc., to let them take your points across from there.

#4. Follow ups

Don’t forget or assume your role ends the moment you send a pitch to journalists. Follow-ups usually ensure for up to 30% more replies as compared to first time emails. They might forget replying to your first email. Once they get a follow-up email from your side, they start reading that and so do they reply thereafter. While writing follow-up emails, you should also ensure your language remains thoroughly polite and humble to let them impress to listen to your side of the story.

Have Your Say

We have already discussed above the most important or crucial tips which can greatly help increase the chances of getting reply of PR pitches from the respective journalists or media house representatives. We hope that you must have evaluated and understood now how such prudent approaches can bring drastic change.

What would you like to say or convey in quid pro quo now? Shouldn’t you write down in the below comment box about your own thoughts or experiences on this topic. Once your PR pitch is approved, hire a reputed press release writing company to create an exceptional, readable and informative content as a final draft for submission.

Probably hiring a content outsourcing agency would suffice your requirements. Besides PRs, such reputed companies can equally help you in generating contents for speeches, etc.

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