Maintain Your SEO Rankings

Maintain the Rankings of Your Pages Once You Reach at the Top in Search

Entrepreneurs always strive to attain success in their businesses through the most feasible options available beforehand. Online businesses are increasing in leaps and bounds nowadays for their unceasing operations irrespective of country boundaries. It can be best explained that entire world is a target market of the online businesses which sustain in the cutthroat digital world. If such is the aim to involve in a business which caters to the global customer base, entrepreneurs need to do extensive efforts to prove their mettle. And, at the same juncture they must ensure that the position they gain is being attained and retained at any cost.

One of the most fascinating and highly laudable ways to increase website traffic for the resultant outcome of a fast upsurge in sales in the online market is to achieve organic ranking. 39% of the total global traffic come from the searches, out of which 35% remains organic. Besides well-planned Internet marketing strategies, you need an innovative social media strategy as well while you already have suitable link building strategies in place to ensure your website finds space in the first page of the Google. This is how you can move ahead in the online market through surpassing competitors with an urge to attain that desired global outreach of yours.

After putting all your effects, you finally attain that success level in getting your web pages ranked in reputed search engines. What if your web pages’ start losing their rankings at the same juncture? Will you simply wait and watch in such situations which literally force your website to face the doldrums while standing at crossroads?

SEO experts of SEOContentIndia are going to talk about various such factors today like how you can sustain your keywords at the achieved ranks. You must have done extensive efforts to achieve that top spot in Google search results pages. You won’t therefore want to degenerate that position at any stage. In addition to that, our strategies will also be helpful for the webmasters to safeguard their websites from any potential algorithm updates.

How to Maintain Your SEO Rankings?

maintain search engine optimization rankings

1. Update Your Website

One of the most important factors and the ways to defend rankings of your website is to update the contents regularly. Fresh and quality contents will not only engage the readers but also prove helpful to increase the rankings. Apart from improving the visual appeal of your brand they equally propel for the call to action. Optimizing the layout of your website will definitely decrease bounce rates besides improving online branding through raising this likelihood of visitors’ engaging with your contents to the maximum extent possible.

2. Keep Up the Internal Linking

Once you have already reached at the top in search engines, judicious internal linking strategies can save you from forced downwards escalation. Internal linking strategies improve the SEO as it spreads link juice for the resultant page views improvement.

You must ensure that external pages being selected are linking out to provide the relevant and valuable content to your readers. Similarly, internal linking should also prove relevant and valuable contents to your potential readers. It also increases the users’ engagements in your website by giving them an easy access to the additional site contents.

3. Leverage Link Building Strategy

Link building is an authentic thus sure shot means to increase and maintain ranking of your website on Google. You should concentrate on quality rather than on the quantity parameters in such cases. While getting the outbound backlinks, always check the respective websites.

Don’t create an excessive backlink to a particular page as Google might consider that a spammy activity therefore possibly create a red flag for your website. Google wants their users to be able to access relevant, informative and useful contents on your site therefore you should always keep that element into consideration.

If you are keen to maintain your keywords’ organic ranking, then you should create the backlinks to all pages on your website. Such strategies diversify your backlink profile to boost the overall website authority from Google’s perspective.

4. Build Your Strong Social Media Presence

Social media presence not only improves your branding to generate traffic but also strengthens your online reputation. Furthermore, it also brings fast increase in the rankings to maintain that particular level. So, you cannot ignore this medium of online marketing in the present scenario. As per the SmartInsights revelations, number of social media users worldwide in 2018 have already reached to 3.196 billion.

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn among others maintain high PageRank in Google. Getting backlinks from the websites with high PageRank are always helpful to boost thus sustain your rankings over the long term.

5. Check and Control the Page Speed

It is easy to rank a new website as it remains fresh so is light weighted. With the time, you add more plugins, widgets and additional contents which might probably slow it down. If that happens to your website, you have possible chance of losing that top spot which had been attained earlier. Before uploading contents and images, you must ensure that they are being properly optimized for the SEO purpose.

Fortunately, there are easy availability of several such tools including Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and the Google page speed tools nowadays. They give you information about your website’s speed. In addition to that, they also offer you certain advice about how to speed up your website.

6. Encourage User Generated Contents

User generated contents (UGC) are the contents generated by your users themselves. With UGC, you give your prospects more reasons to visit your website. This in turn also help you attain more visitors so do you establish your website as an authority in a specific niche. In addition to that, fresh contents are bound to improve rankings.

Word-of-mouth marketing generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising. So, you are advised to search and implement the word-of-mouth marketing strategies as well to increase the sales.

Closing Thoughts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is not a child’s play. It requires a long term and well planned strategy with ample patience so that you start noticing the results in the searches. Implementing such strategies that have been mentioned above will always prove helpful to increase and maintain the ranking of your website in the long run.

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