Latest Online Reputation management Strategies for 2018

Online Reputation Management Tips for 2019

A few years ago, at the beginning of 2017 itself, we had this prediction for the online reputation management strategies which have already become a reality now. Our predictions surfaced and thus continued to gain newer momentums throughout the year. We have already entered into 2019 now. It is high time we gear up for the latest ORM strategies which would actually prove fruitful to maintain and sustain a similar pace to create success stories.

Remember this universal fact that receiving negative reviews is part and parcel of any business. You need not to worry or fear about them. Simply, get yourself ready to deal with such unpleasant matters and move ahead with your future plans.

No matter what your resolution is to repair and fix up online reputation this year in 2019. Online Reputation Management (ORM) experts associated with SEO Content India are glad to assist the esteemed customers through expertise and guidance on how to bring improvement so that respective brands appear on the high ranks on Google and throughout other search engines on the web. It is important for the brands and entrepreneurs to focus on the sincere ORM plans besides keeping them right in order. Being proactive and sincere is the great solution mechanism to stop any future problems from occurring. In the meantime, one needs professional help to streamline everything pertaining to it.

Top 9 Online Reputation Management Strategies for 2019

Choose the best ORM strategies

#1. Enhance Your Online Presence

It is obvious that increasing and maintaining online presence is absolutely crucial to ascertain that one’s brand and or products & services attain success to the fullest. Go with checking your online presence by initiating ground research. Furthermore, you must ensure having maximum online profiles to avail the desired benefits. There are three major areas which contribute to your online presence. These areas include your website; online directories and social media. Focus on all three of them to balance them meticulously.

How to Build & Improve Your Online Presence

Following are the factors which you shouldn’t ignore to build & improve your online presence that can bring ample benefits:

  • Optimize Your Website
  • Update and Monitor Your Business Listings
  • Post to Your Social Media Profiles
  • Advertise Your Website
  • Optimize Your Business Listings
  • Engage with Your Social Media Audiences

#2. Ask Your Clients for Online Reviews

Ask Your Clients for Online Reviews

By increasing the number of positive reviews for your brand, you are definitely going to leave greater impact on future customers. As and when you approach your customers, the chances are high that they will write positive reviews for you and for your organization. Positive feedbacks from any of your previous customers are bound to build a new trust. They will indeed encourage your prospects thus go for placing orders once feel influenced or motivated.

Benefits of Online Reviews

  • Promotes the Positivity
  • Provides Insights into the Services
  • Conveys Your Personality
  • Builds Trust
  • Improves Rankings

#3. Use Online Reputation Management Software

Through using an online reputation management software, you can easily automate the process of online review writing from your customers via emails or the text messages they might send once the sale completes. It will not only save your time and efforts but also prove helpful for you to avoid any type of awkward review solicitation conversations with your customers. You can avail free ORM software.

#4. Don’t Worry About the Negative Comments

Receiving negative comments from your customers doesn’t mean or prove that your organization is inefficient and having been written off as an irrelevant one. You mustn’t worry about it and rather take positive measures to handle such situations. Sometimes, a select few unsatisfied customers might write negative comments to mar your online reputation. You should remain well prepared and thus ready with a workable yet highly focused strategy to deal with any such negative comments.

#5. Promote Your Brand

Promote your brand and or its products & services online will be helpful for you to come into limelight. Once you develop online credibility, your ranking, traffic and sales would definitely witness a tremendous increase which you must expect.

Steps to Promote a Brand

  • Create Your Brand’s Positive Image
  • Increase the Network
  • Advertise Your Brand Online
  • Build the Business Partners
  • Rely on the Power of Social Networks
  • Offer Freebies
  • Develop Relationships with Your Customers
  • Encourage the Customers to Write Something Positive

#6. Respond to Every Online Review

Make sure that you respond to each and every online review whether they are in favor as positive ones or the negative as full of criticism. Through replying all the negative reviews publicly, you are indeed putting your business into a new focus before all and sundry—and for every reader of yours to see and for the reviewers themselves to judge or realize with this opinion that you are transparent and customer-centric.

Benefits of Responding to Online Reviews

  • Improves Your Credibility
  • Gets Your Points Across
  • Encourages Others to Write Positive
  • Builds Your Customer’s Trust

#7. Monitor Your Online Profiles

Being a business manager, it is your primary role to monitor the online profiles dedicatedly. Tracking and monitoring them will help you to quickly address any of the potential fake reviews if any, which your competitors, ex-employees or some jealous people might have posted to damage your reputation.

Find below some of the free or low-cost tools which can greatly help you to monitor your online reputation.

#8. Review the Feedbacks

Receiving both negative as well as positive reviews are part and parcel of business operations. You must evaluate dates and other related details of such feedbacks. By doing so, you can assure of helping to improve products & services analytically. Careful evaluation of feedbacks and online reviews from any of your customers will indeed provide you with newer yet useful data to make improvements in your products, services, processes and of course reaching up to more people.

Always remain ready to accept the feedbacks in their true forms and also be open for a change, if required. It will bring a drastic improvement in your business to offer products & services according to the specific need fulfillment steps. You will be in the right stage to focus on the relevant ideas that general masses bring before you and thus take your business in that direction for greater rewards you had sought.

#9. Resolve the Issues

Resolve the Issues

If possible, try to resolve the issues of your unsatisfied customers immediately and also write a request email to delete negative reviews or feedbacks. Always be polite in dealing with such situations. It should be kept in mind that by having negative reviews or feedbacks online, you can’t determine that that situation would be good for the overall health of your business. So, try to get them deleted or removed by finding an amicable solution of your problem. Another option you have is to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to beat those unwanted embarrassments. You can thus suppress negative reviews by promoting the products & services rigorously that will definitely leave positive impact.


Online Reputation Management programs are all about managing online reputation of the brands and their products or services. Make sure that you are a success in coaxing clients to write positive feedbacks thus keeping your online organization’s reputation intact. In addition, it is also your primary task to find out what people might be thinking and saying about your organization. Finding out negative reviews and then fixing them with proper measures is also an important task for operational team of the business entrepreneurs to run smoothly.

SEO Content India (SCI) has been catering to such needs of numerous customers through its robust team of ORM experts. These experts help the clients to manage reputation of their brands. Contact us now to learn more about the online reputation management services we are offering.

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