What are Landing Pages

Understand a Landing Page and Its Uses

While you plan to run a Google AdWords campaign, your primary intention would be conversion of visitors into customers. The idea of such conversions would be anything from downloading a piece of content to making the purchases et al.

Make it a point that prior to creating your Landing Page, you consult experienced professionals to obtain proper idea. They will guide you better to bring creativity in such works you are willing to propagate. Getting your traffic landed in your landing page is an easy task but persuading the visitors to fill in a query form to send you an email is the toughest role to play.

Apart from actionable landing page contents, you also require its professional design that can appeal to visitors to land at your page. It would have greater impact on reaching up to potential customers. Such designs must entice the audiences to take instant action.

What is Landing Page?

What is a landing page

Before we move ahead, let’s understand the Landing Pages concept first. It will help to know the features and benefits of these uniquely designed pages. The name Landing Page itself indicates that it mainly works to drive a visitor to land on a web page. The page gets visitors from multiple sources, including emailing, social media posts, Facebook advertising campaigns, direct mails or the pay-per-click ad et al.

Such pages are created by the team of creative professionals with an aim to generate leads for the organizations. They entice interested visitors to fill out a query or order form or call the customer care team thereafter for possible business communication.

Types of Landing Pages

  • Click Through Landing Pages
  • Lead Generation Landing Pages
  • Infomercial Landing Pages
  • Viral Landing Pages
  • Product Detail Landing Pages
  • Homepage as a Landing Page

3 Main Categories of Landing Pages

Categories of Landing Pages

Standalone Landing Pages: Its examples include Click Through, Lead Capture, Infomercial and Viral Landing Pages to name a few.

Microsites: A small multi-page website, which is created as a supplement to the main website.

Internal Website Landing Pages: Homepages and product detail pages are used in it.

Differences between a Website and a Landing Page

Professionals are well aware of the differences between a website and a landing page. The laymen though need to understand the basic differences for perfect observation and utilization of such pages. Website pages are created to drive traffic and to convert such traffics into leads for business prospects. A professional business website is tailored to provide detailed information, get ranked on popular search engines and to coax the visitors to fill in online query forms and to finally place an order for a new business relationship.

On the other hand, a landing page is considered an effective lead generating as well as marketing tool. It is specifically designed to let the visitors take prompt action. Business websites might rank on search engines, while landing pages don’t rank.

Some Common Benefits of Using Landing Pages

Landing Page Benefits

Support Your Specific Goals

Landing pages are professionally created for the specific goals. Website content pages carry too much information. There are possibilities that such huge information might lead the visitors to go away without filling in your query form. On the other hand, a Landing Page has specific goal and thus such pages are designed to accomplish that focused goal.

Increase Conversions

Working as an automated lead generation engine on your website, a Landing Page is specifically designed to capture visitor information – an email address or other lead generating information – for the future follow-ups. In case, a visitor doesn’t make purchase, you can follow up and convince one provided you had secured his/her contact details.

Coax the Visitors to Take Instant Action

It has already been proved many a times that people don’t usually leave their contact information voluntarily. In fact, they want something in return. You should therefore offer them something relevant and valuable to the visitor. It could be anything from a whitepaper, an e-book or any other attractive offers which appeals to all visitors to turn into potential customers.

Generate Credibility

Once a visitor lands into your Landing Page, he/she finds a proper solution of their respective requirements. It develops an instant credibility for you thus visitors start trusting on you. Your Landing Page visitor would notice that and in turn you can earn the trust of the visitors in quid pro quo. In most cases, they literally memorize your name and thus consider you as a company to trust upon while making their shopping. Improved credibility starts building a relationship with your new email lead.

Using Videos on Your Landing Page

Video Landing Page

Apart from content, you can also make a video and put that on your Landing Page to turn more dynamic. There are many benefits of video landing pages, including:

Improve Retention: A creative video would inspire the visitors to fill in an online form or stay longer on your page to literally allow your message to spread faster. Videos are watched by many people so they make your task easier to convince your target audiences.

Boost Trust: Professionally crafted videos are not only watched by many people, but also they give your product a new lease of life and voice. Thus, videos boost a trust.

Meeting Customer Preferences: It is a fact that many people prefer watching short videos rather than reading the articles. You can craft videos with exact information you want to share and thus start improving the conversion.

Final Say

Whether you make a text based Landing Page or a video based, your only motive is to convey a message clearly to improve the conversion. While preparing Landing Pages for your organization, you must have the assistance of creative professionals who can guide you in the right perspective.

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