Google Fred Update

The latest, though unconfirmed Google ranking update ‘Fred’, was presumably rolled out on March 07, 2017, but shook the SEO world for reasons to reckon with.

According to Google’s Gary Illyes, all the updates be named “Fred”. The webmasters, automated Google tracking tools and SEO community have experienced strong signs that there was a Google algorithm ranking update in March, 2017.

fred Update

Fred Update Penalty Sites

According to Search Engine Land: Google’s Fred update hit the low-value content sites which mainly focus on the revenue, and not users. Most of the Fred hit sites have contents on various topics, and that look to be written for the ranking purposes then having ads and/or affiliate links throughout the contents.

Types of sites effected from the Fred Google Update:

  • Shallow contents
  • Advertising heavy
  • Affiliate heavy
  • Some local business sites

Fred Update Recovery

fred Update recovery
Image Credit: SER

Alike others, you too must be thinking on how to recover from the Fred Update. While creating a website, you must pay full attention on content development and on-page SEO, like meta titles, meta description and et al.

Following the General webmaster guidelines would definitely prove helpful thus you can ease for Google to find, index, and rank your site.

While optimizing a website for search engines, get high quality links from the most authoritative websites. Several websites get penalized for being over optimized, and that too through deliberate efforts.

Our expert opinion

Google makes small updates to their search engine algorithms on regular basis, that largely go unnoticed. Therefore, rankings of websites always fluctuate. And, a website’s ranking could change at any point of time due to such crucial factors.

Fred hits sites which are aimed at generating revenues through the ads. Find out the genuine ways through which you can generate ads without getting penalized.

This is how you would be at the win-win situation, without affecting or losing anything.

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