Do not buy or Sell Links

Never Ever Buy or Sell Backlinks for SEO

It is a proven fact that online world or ecommerce is greatly dependent on the organic rankings of websites today to enchant the viewers to turn into potential clients. Such rankings are considered important because they play pivotal role to help generate leads to make selling of products or services a dream cum true. However, it is also undeniable that there is the presence of various paid mediums as well that can ease selling of products & services. They are comparatively costlier thus hardly feasible options in the long run. The best option is to move ahead with natural rankings.

How to Ensure Your Website Ranks Well in the Search Engines?

Ensure Your Website Ranks Well

To improve the ranking of a website, link building process is considered number one activity thus relied on it. SEO experts create backlinks from the authority websites in order to get their websites ranked in the least possible time. Getting backlinks from the authority websites requires lots of efforts, so experts bribe the journalists for links.

According to Google’s Danny Sullivan:

Those webmasters and SEO experts attempting to manipulate search rankings with the paid links are indeed going against the tide by violating search engine guidelines. They indeed commit blunders. He further advises not to buy or sell links at any cost. If Google spots such activities, chances are high that it might take action in the search results against both—buyer as well as seller parties.


There are many ways and means to generate quality backlinks for websites. Expert strategists associated with SEO Content India have enlisted some important guidelines which are genuine and workable too, and which include:

Create Quality Contents

It is always great idea to invest ample time and energy to create valuable and best possible problem solving blog contents. Also, ensure making your written content viral so that potential customers as well as competitors have an easy access to that. The moment contents are being channelized thus brought before the right audience, they won’t take much time to republish in their own websites. You will therefore obtain the genuine backlinks due to such smooth channelization.

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Go for the Guest Posts

Several reputed and well-known websites accept guest posts for publication. One can contact any such companies represented from the particular industries and approach with few potential titles to zero upon one to get published. Once they zero upon any one title, next step would be to write an elaborate guest post for submission with an aim to receive backlinks to one’s website. This is how benefits of guest posts would be availed.

Use Social Media Channels

Use social media channels

You can also create backlinks from various social media channels because they are also equally authoritative websites to help you benefited. Don’t forget it that backlinks from social media sites too remain equally genuine before Google’s eyes. Each social media website provides you an option to link back to your website. Stay active and publish something from your industry on regular intervals. While doing so, you can easily convince others to start accepting your thoughts or ideas. Thus, they would also start liking, commenting and sharing your posts.

Update Blogs on Your Website

Updating blogs on your website on regular basis would be considered one of the best ways to invite Google Crawlers to crawl the website to provide thorough and genuine SEO boost. Google loves fresh and quality contents. Resultantly, interlinking boosts your SEO and thus brings enough improvement in readers’ engagement. Linking out to the industry leaders is equally helpful to improve one’s online credibility.


The ideas discussed in this post confirms that paid links are hardly useful for websites hence they should always be avoided. It is advisable to hire an SEO agency to improve ranking of your website organically by creating relevant backlinks besides keen focus on fresh content creation.

It is also a proven fact that getting a website ranked is a lengthy process. One shouldn’t be impatient if fail to yield results right away. It takes some time to attain recognition to avail the desired benefits. You must be persistent and determined with your focused approach to avail benefits. Always avoid any involvement in the bad practices like link buying if you are truly concerned to attain success as a market leader.


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