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The Google Maccabees Update: A Google Search Algorithm Change

Google keeps updating its algorithm on regular intervals with this primary aim to evaluate the websites and their importance for the searchers in a genuine context. There are numerous criteria which keep changing periodically to ascertain the delivery of maximum relevant Google search results as well as to prevent the webmasters from misguiding the searches.

According to SEJ: One of the Google’s spokespersons has confirmed that a core algorithm update is currently underway. However, Google releases several minor improvements throughout the year, which is a part of its regular and routine efforts to improve the search relevancy.

What is Maccabees Update (formerly known as Fred Update)?

Credit: SEroundtable

The sole purpose of the Maccabees Update is to improve the search relevancies. So, website owners and webmasters should look into the improvements to on-page as well as off-page relevance signals. The importance of content will always remain intact because high quality contents generate quality backlinks for your website thus helping you to attain organic ranking.

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Sites Which Are Indeed Affected by the Maccabees Update

Several of the websites are reported to have faced ranking drops due to this new update. Casey Markee, of MediaWyse in San Diego said that:

“I did have some sites contact me and they did have drop. Their content and overall user experience though had some holes.”

According to SE Round Table:

  1. The biggest bulk of sites that got hit by the Maccabees Update had a number of landing pages’ target massive arrays of keyword permutations.
  2. Low value and ad heavy/affiliate heavy sites are also hit due to the current update.
Check Your Website’s Ranking Status Post the Current Maccabees Update

You must check your organic traffic around December 12th or 13th because that was the possible period while webmasters had experienced fluctuations in traffic. Apart from the data, check the ranking of your keywords as well. If you find that your keywords had been doing well, then you were the luckiest ones not being affected. You should also check your Google Search Analytics in the Google Search Console for further clarity and fact finding.

SEO Content India Analyzes about the Maccabees Update

High quality sites are never ever penalized. Thus, you should always maintain the quality of your website. Below are the tips to escape the Google updates:

  1. Generate high quality content only
  2. Make your website mobile friendly
  3. Create backlinks from authoritative websites
  4. Consider internal and external linking
  5. Keep your readers in mind, not the search engines

If you have any questions regarding the current Maccabees Update, do let us know. Our SEO experts will guide you further to understand the major factors pertaining to this update and will equally bring before you the solutions on how to escape such unfavorable scenarios.

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