Existing clients boost SEO

Using the Existing Clients to Boost Your SEO

Websites rank consistently provided they are being strategically boosted to escalate to attain greater success. How will it become possible? To bring a sure and certain improvement of website ranking, the very first thing is to focus at the planning and implementation of resources which are technically sound plus SEO friendly to turn the sites exemplary. Once you are ready with a fully customized website that have already incorporated the required technicalities alongside the ethically adapted resources, the next step is continuation of latest SEO strategies. By keeping them in place for the future plan of action, you are surely going to have an ample improvement in the ranking of your website.

I have used the word “Latest” above because search engine algorithms has been changing repeatedly over the period. It has been found according to an extensive research that SEO strategies that had remained crucial needs in 2006 are literally outdated or obsolete now. Furthermore, their usage now might land you to even get spammed by Google. It is crucial that you must look for different avenues and also ascertain that the one you choose is the latest one and in compliance to the current search engine algorithms.

Blogging is one of the crucial elements of the latest SEO strategies today. It assures for multiple benefits which includes improving website rankings to generate traffic and last but not the least improving brand credibility before the potential target groups. It should also be noted that Google always likes or loves fresh contents so does it give priority to the websites that maintain regular content updates. Creating new contents is good for the overall health of any website. In the meantime, you should also ensure that your content is viewed by the potential and existing readers. To spread your content to maximum extent possible, you must be ready to use different avenues, including keeping your existing customers in loop.

How to Use Your Clients to Boost SEO of Your website?

Use Your Clients to Boost SEO of Your website

Invite them to write blogs

You can approach your satisfied customers to write blogs for you. It is understood that most of them are busy. Some of them might not like your idea. In such situation, you simply need to convince your clients that you would like to mention the “Author Bio” and each piece of suggested contents will go live only after getting edited by the senior editors. You should convince them to get the blogs written by them. As they will also attain personal popularity through such steps, this step will pave the way for you to obtain numerous blogs from your customers on different topics.

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Benefits of consistent blogging

  • Creates quality backlinks
  • Gets enough matter for social media
  • Gets genuine traffic
  • Engages your potentials
  • Improves SEO

Ask them to share your posts

Undoubtedly, social media has become a powerful medium to increase traffic to any website today. It plays tremendous role to help improve the rankings of respective websites. Remember one important thing as well that social media won’t prove effective for you if your posts fail to go viral. You should request existing satisfied customers to like, comment, retweet and share your posts. This way you will be able to obtain large scale likes, comments and shares of your posts.

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Benefits of increased social media engagement

  • Increases traffic
  • Educates the traffic
  • Makes your posts viral
  • Increases sales

Request them to write reviews

Online reviews carry countless benefits. Each positive review posted online by any of your customers would be an alternate form of advertising for your business. In addition, they will equally influence the Internet search engine results in your favor. So, you must ask your satisfied customers to write their positive reviews.

Some common benefits of online customer reviews

  • Free advertising strategy
  • Improved search engine results
  • Peer recommendations
  • Builds online credibility
  • Improves relationship with the customers

Ask them to write testimonials

Ask them to write testimonials

Testimonials are unique forms of online marketing strategies which involves the unofficial endorsements by customers with their ‘word of mouth’ advertisements. Business owners, webmasters and marketers must use the customers’ testimonials to further their businesses.

Benefits of testimonials

  • Establishes Trust
  • Increases Credibility
  • Boosts Businesses

Final Thoughts

Having satisfied clientele base is the first ladder to run an organization smoothly for its constant successes by achieving many milestones. Business operations therefore seek collaborative efforts. It is high time you develop an enduring bond with all of your satisfied clients. If you are success in taking even unsuccessful ones in your grip and convince them for assured service to mold their opinion in your favor, you are a winner.

Apart from their “word to mouth” advertisements, you can take extensive support from the customers to bring a ranking resurgence in your website. Try the above mentioned methods in the initial stage itself. If everything goes right, then you will definitely generate more clients through such direct or indirect support from the existing ones. When your SEO strategies are done professionally, your website is bound to rank high and thus you will start generating the leads for your business.

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