dos and donts of travel writing

Do’s and Don’ts of Travel Writing

Last few decades have proved to be the age of biggest transformations. In fact, the resurgence in IT infrastructure resulting into the digitalization of several things have brought revolutionary impact in everything—including planning tours & travels. Gone are the days when you sought assistance from the nearby tour operators to plan tours. There is ample presence of countless travel planner websites today. They are well planned thus they offer amazing solutions due to being equipped with all the facilities one expects. Many such sites or Apps turn planning tours hassle-free.

Indeed, it is a proven fact that increase in the supply has causal relation with demand. It equally applies to current online business operations. It is very much successfully applicable in the cases of travel & tourism industry too. Changed scenario of online platforms ease tour plans so have increased demand of travel writing services manifold unlike it could be witnessed previously. Apart from the fat pay packages, such avenues keep the writers enchanted to travel content writing because they find ample opportunities as writers to explore many places or attractions in the world while accomplishing their professional roles. If you are a travel geek and love to explore different attractions or cultures across the world, travel writing is definitely a perfect gateway for you.

Prepare yourself before you enter into this profession. It isn’t a draconian task. You simply need to brush up your writing skills besides keeping the urge to present what you witness in such language that it appeals to all readers. Your preparation should also be in other aspects that you are abreast of the do’s and don’ts of travel writing. Prove your mettle in this profession to get yourself noticed by the readers. UNWTO projects that international tourist arrivals globally would grow at a rate of 3% to 4% in 2017. And, the growth rate would continue to rise in 2018.

Travel contents differ from others in multiple angles

Travel Content is Different

Remember it that you are going to face a cutthroat competition as a travel writer. Large chunk of writers writes about many places or attractions each passing of the day. You have to ascertain that your travel contents differ from others in multiple angles. Think over it if yours will appeal to potential readers and why. Your content must have potentiality to be considered for publication in a newspaper/magazine or web, if submitted. Note it that your success rate as a travel writer will be high the moment you start generating captivating travel contents and which appeal to the mass readers.

We, at SEO Content India, have the team of experienced tour & travel writers. They have enlisted below some of the most important do’s and don’ts of travel writing to guide newcomers in this domain. When you keep these elements into consideration, your chances of getting published definitely improve.

The Do’s of Travel Writing

Use short words & sentences

Whenever you write travel content, keep it in consideration that you prepare contents for the laymen. As general readers will read your contents, make it so that it is easily grasped by them. Use easy words and also always focus on keeping the smaller sentences. It is a proven fact that people love to explore easy to understand articles thus your focus should remain accordingly.

Highlight primary features or attractions of a particular place

People will take decisions or make their minds after going through travel contents, whether to choose a place or ignore. You should therefore highlight the key features of a place in order to encourage your readers why they mandatorily visit there after you recommend.

Write after doing thorough research

Apart from sharing your own experiences about a particular place, you must also ensure adding certain important researches about that particular destination you are going to write about. Well researched articles are always appreciated thus valued by the sincere readers.

Add relevant & helpful links

Try to interlink your article back to your own relevant contents that will otherwise keep your readers engaged on your website to read the interesting stuffs being presented. External links add value to your own content.

Don’ts of Travel Writing

do not in travel writing

Don’t hesitate interviewing tourists

While you are exploring the place, you mustn’t hesitate interviewing your fellow tourists for their opinion about the particular destination. You can quote that in your story to improve the credibility of your content. If you ignore such vital things, you indeed cause losing your own credibility.

Don’t shy away from clicking to use real images

You should not stop yourself from clicking pictures to include them into your stories. Travel contents or a blog with related images will make it easy for your readers to take an idea of that specific place. They will be able to see that clearer and get a glimpse from an original observer. Optimize your images for SEO to improve ranking of the posts.

Don’t use jargons

Readers would love to read the plain and easy to understand words thus you must avoid jargons as much as possible. It will definitely prove helpful to improve your readership. Write simple and SEO contents as they are liked by both readers and search engines.

Don’t write biased contents

While writing for the tourism industry, you must think and act unprejudiced. Keep it in mind that your readers represent all clouts of believers irrespective of religions, casts, creeds, races or regions. Biased articles won’t be liked by many thus you must avoid all sorts of biasness.

Conclusive Thoughts

While writing for tour and travel industry, you should determine your goals strategically for the contents to be created. If you want it to use that for the SEO purposes, then you shouldn’t ignore search engine guidelines. At the same juncture, you must equally focus on it that contents meant for the human readers as well as machines are most accepted ones. Well researched contents are not only liked but also linked by others. This is how you appeal to many readers through your travel contents.

Inculcate a habit to read others’ contents as well to determine what is exactly going on in the industry. It paves the way for you to keep yourself informed of many new ideas. Many a times, companies hire a travel writing agency because they have this impression that travel content writing agencies remain aware of various travel writing categories. Evaluate all such factors to work to their expectations.

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