Is Directory Submission Dead

Do Directory Submissions Remain Alive By Now While 2018 Winds Up?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) came into limelight due to its diversified roles under the certain strategies as applicable in the current digital resurgence. Link building has been considered as one of the most crucial foundation stones of SEO to give it a newer yet empowered boost for a brighter outcome. Undoubtedly, there are countless ways and means to build the links.

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It all depends on the perceptive assessment of such means and their applications to obtain the results. Some of the notable ones like directory submissions, guest postings and of course social bookmarking amongst others always remain pivotal thus in the limelight due to one factor or the other. There is an ardent need to judge them and focus on their use in a rightful manner.

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Until sometimes ago, directory submissions used to remain one of the most important and genuine platforms to create the do-follow backlinks for websites. As the scenarios have been changing faster each passing of the day, this perception too has welcomed drastic transformations. Soon after the penguin update came with the suggestions for such radical makeovers and changes to make, webmasters and SEO experts took the directory submissions to low priority while they were already provided with several other robust avenues that came beforehand.

Penguin update announced by Google in 2012 was aimed at rewarding the high-quality websites while on the other hands it brought stringent punishments for those websites that were found to have considered manipulative link schemes to keyword stuffing by ignoring the set rules.

Although several conceptual transformations have already been in place the fact remains true that certain golden rules are intact even in current changed scenario. Directory submission is still safe and secure means to ensure high ranking of your website. Search Engine Journal insists as well as supports this idea that directories are not dead yet. Indeed, it is assumed that directories would survive and sustain in the future too. Their roles in helping to make the valuable link profiles can’t be ruled out. Thus, there is no question to underestimate them at any point of time.

It goes without saying that if you diligently choose a particular niche and then ensure approaching only trusted websites for directory submissions, for sure you can witness a guaranteed improvement in your website’s search engine rankings.

Directory Submissions: Points to Remember

points to remember

Experts often opine with their differing viewpoints about the directory submissions. The one consensus which unites them all is the tried and tested formula. And, its outcome, as understood by now, that directory submissions are helpful for SEO if done correctly is mutually agreed upon. Below are the points you should keep in consideration while leveraging this medium to generate backlinks for your website.

  • Search Well Established Directories
  • Consider an SEO-Friendly Directory
  • Select the Relevant Category
  • Fill-Up the Website Details Correctly
  • Confirm the Submissions

By keeping in consideration the above mentioned tips, you are dually benefitted to think and take action. They keep you safe from Google penalties and at the same juncture, play vital role to improve ranking. This is what you always aim to attain success. You should therefore always keep the following factors into consideration:

  • Submit your website in a correct sub-category
  • Avoid submitting your website in the wrong categories
  • Check your URL minutely because wrong URLs might harm badly
  • Avoid sharing any wrong or un-authentic contents
  • Avoid the directories which require the reciprocal links
  • Check the DA and PA before submitting

Directory Submission and SEO

It is high time we assess all the above factors in the variegated contexts. The need is to assess them in the light of the causal relationship between the directory submissions and SEO. Webmasters and SEO experts use the directory submission websites for SEO to improve traffic. They have their logic and strategic plans for the same. Let’s also assess that from what Google reveals in that context that 4 out of 5 consumers in the United States use search engines to find a local business. There is an ardent need to make a thorough observation about that.

Choosing the right directories remains one of the most important factors you should look at. You must understand such factor, do a keen assessment of them all and finally go on implementing them on your website to improve and freeze its ranking. There would be many caveats. Your attempts as subsequent strategic plans and the steps to follow are something which would bring better rewards.


Directory submission is not dead yet and the opportunity for it to excel still remains intact. It means you are going to avail maximum benefits from that provided you are prudent in each and every step. While creating backlinks from the directory sites, you should keep all such important points and factors into consideration and apply them accordingly. Taking timely steps and a bit carefulness besides your prior knowledge would prove helpful for you to increase direct traffic thus sufficient search engine ranking results.

It is understood that directory submission sites provide you long-term local SEO and consumer benefits too. So, start using the directory sites for your website to avail such benefits to the best extent possible.

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  1. Yes, directory submission is also an effective SEO strategy. Provided, you need an updated working directory site list for 2019.

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