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Entrepreneurs and their startups or already established business corporations do seek overall constant promotions. It is a must to remain in the notice in cutthroat competition today. Bigger transformations have happened in business promotional activities nowadays due to the availability of numerous online promotional steps or activities which boost businesses and businessmen. Reputed online platforms for the said purpose are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and et al for the online reviews.

In line to the above mentioned impactful platforms, Wikipedia too has emerged into something equally noticeable one in the race today. It is an exceptional one in order to generate traffic and increase the sales thereafter. All such online platforms, including Wikipedia do seek viewer attention due to variegated projection of one’s information, whether individuals or corporations. Through including Wikipedia in the list, you will definitely have an added value to project your business before wider target groups. They will come to know many things and that knowhow will rejoice them as their curiosity to know a single platform fulfills. Having emerged into the most popular online encyclopedia till date, Wikipedia facilitates option for editing by anyone thus maintains a neutral point of view on the topics dealt in. Apart from having a high outreach, it is absolutely free.

Anybody possessing a bit of technical knowledge can develop the Wikipedia page. A decorated company profile page would definitely prove helpful for the organizations to avail this benefit of improved authenticity thus good chance to generate traffic, boost online reputation and increase the sales thereafter.

What is Wikipedia?

What is Wikipedia
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Like traditional Encyclopedia, modern version Wikipedia is an online free version of it. It can be accessed from anywhere. This online free encyclopedia doesn’t have its core team and rarely hires any content writer or editor to get the posts created or edited. It has already attained the position of being one of the largest and most popular general reference sites on the online world. By now it has attained the rank of 5th most popular websites in this particular category.

As it has sought the attention of countless individuals and organizations without any restriction of regional boundaries, it turned into an effective online marketing tool. It is perhaps the key reason that Wikipedia is today an important source to promote businesses or personalities for their personal branding and popularity purposes.


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Creating a Wikipedia company page proves dually beneficial to bring traffic as well as improve organic ranking of business websites. It therefore builds the credibility of a particular organization one a page is being created for the public to view.

Great exposure

Wikipedia is indeed most used and hit website on the global arena today. As it facilitates you to create or edit business or brand profile to bring the services into limelight through posts on this website, you avail ample choice for exploration. It is also worth noting here that by having your company page on this popular website, you are bound to receive maximum exposure so will more eyeballs and so forth to bring you into everybody’s notice.

Reputation management

The fact is undeniable that almost all Wikipedia pages do rank on page one. If you have yours and someone searches that with your company name, it will appear on the first page. Isn’t it the perfect option helpful for online reputation management that too by doing little effort? It is well understood that your business or personal brand Wikipedia pages definitely produces significant improvement to your business and your reputation.

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Increased trust

There’s no underestimating the need to earn trust, both from the customers and the search engines. A Wikipedia article can help you with the both and that has been proved time and again. It provides you with an additional and credible website presence. Its resultant impact can be seen through the depiction of one’s business with credibility and integrity.

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Apart from several advantages, there are many disadvantages as well when you have a Wikipedia profile page. Let’s dig into that too.

No guarantee of sustenance

Creating a page on Wikipedia isn’t a big deal because it can be done easily. Its sustenance is the biggest issue though and indeed a tough nut to chew. Your page might be live today but there won’t be any guarantee for it to maintain the same status the next day due to strict guidelines having been laid down by the Wikipedia team. Furthermore, all information you provide must be easily verifiable and remain available online from genuine sources. They are often crosschecked for fact finding. In case your work gets deleted, then it is nothing but waste of precious time and money.

Forced to monitor the page regularly

Wikipedia is an open source platform thus anyone can come along to edit/delete/ add any information on your page. Your competitors might even mar your online reputation by putting wrong information about your organization, in the worst cases of jealousy. That is why it remains crucial to constantly monitor the Wikipedia pages to safeguard from such potential follies.

No room for errors

Having a live Wikipedia profile means you have almost no room for errors when it comes to any future business mistakes. If your organization has done a mistake, it will show up on your Wikipedia page to reflect into a blunder. Their rectifications are possible but at the same juncture you literally face the unavoidable hurdles.

Final Thoughts

While we compare the pros and cons of having a live Wikipedia page, we conclude here that having one is far better than having none. It is definitely a great source to channelize businesses to the greater extent possible. What is important for a business or corporation in that scenario after assessing all factors carefully? Prefer hiring a team that is a proven professional Wikipedia page creation company. Let them finish this task professionally to keep your worries aside.

Once the profile is being created, you need to wait for a while until it is approved. It takes some time from the Wikipedia team to approve profiles and then let them go live. Undeniably, if you have an informative and well-researched Wikipedia profile, your business corporation is bound to generate more traffic which leads for your organization to leap further for unbound business escalations.

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