Content Marketing Strategies for 2018

Content Marketing Strategies for 2018

Yet another year has passed, and we have already welcomed the New Year 2018 with great zeal. With its arrival we have new hope, determination and resolutions to accomplish several dreams with newer firmness and strength. It is also important to understand that time has been changing faster due to the non-stop technical innovations held each passing of the day. There is equally an ardent need for each of us to bring certain viable transformation in the content marketing strategies as well for new boost to ecommerce industry & online entrepreneurship ventures. The proposed steps are mandatory to maintain the organic rankings and to keep online credibility of respective websites intact for their fast paced but smooth growth.

Think over it keenly if you are adamant not to open up to accept the newest trends in content marketing in practice or giving them ample room to introduce in the New Year 2018 agenda. If you show maturity and accept the new challenges or trends, you will definitely make a big difference. But in case you ignore them, then none can stop you from facing the doom. Your brand or organization would be left behind in todays’ cutthroat competitive market if you fail to take the immediate steps through simply ignoring the latest trends which are the need of the hour.

Such trends are already here now and thus they must be practiced without fail. As 2018 has already arrived, we should be ready with our rejuvenated attitude to accept the unique but newest content marketing strategies that would have grip in future as well and continues to rule the roost in the market right now.

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What is Content Marketing?

what is content marketing

According to CMI, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing useful, relevant, and problem solving content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action”.

In the age of social media and digital marketing today, we always require effective and workable strategies to keep our brands ready with an infinite media option to other supportive elements and resources which can easily convince, persuade and engage maximum number of people to turn into the potential yet local customers.

Thus, we can’t ignore the pivotal role of various types of promotional websites, blogs, videos, social media channels, podcasts and webinars amongst others for this purpose. Each medium offers different means and ways to tell the stories which can appeal to the masses. They thus provide diversified platforms to educate the potential customers for their newer prospects and thus they turn into customers and the advocates for multiplied business avenues. As we have better marketing strategies in place now for each and every social media, our organizations or brands are bound to achieve the goals easily that too without facing any hassles.

Content Marketing Strategies for 2018

Create Long Form Contents

Long-form contents are being defined by various people on numerous parameters in the context of their uses in websites. As SEJ reveals, anything less than 1,200 words isn’t a long-form content. If you want to rank well and seek your presence in the leading pages in search engines, you should rather create long form contents. Many reputed and known bloggers including experts Neil Patel, Brian Clark, etc., have been advocating for the long form contents as important ones which prove highly beneficial for the ranking purposes.

According to Curata: Long-form blog posts generate 9 times more leads than the short-form blog posts.

Apart from the length of the contents, you should equally observe rest elements. One such factor is to ensure maintaining quality of contents being created for the websites. Lengthy, informative and creatively appealing contents will always make a big difference. It has been proved time and again that by posting well-researched and thoroughly engaging contents your websites are bound to perform better. This is how you can think of making big difference with unique content plan beforehand.

Benefits of Long Form Contents

Here are some of the notable benefits of long form contents which you shouldn’t underestimate during the content creation process:

  • Keeps the readers’ attention intact for longer time
  • Opens up the doors to brand-building avenues
  • Improves the organic ranking of websites concerned
  • Tends to obtain maximum social sharing avenues
  • Boosts websites’ page ranking and authority

Improves User Experience (UX)

Improves User Experience (UX)


User experiences are bound to become more important in 2018 than the previous year. It is aimed at ensuring ranking of websites besides protecting them from being penalized by Google which monitors the websites under strict and highly disciplinarian environment to assess their activities. Search engines constantly strive to improve performances through providing best possible related results.

If you attain success in developing strategies which suit to Google parameters, you definitely seek latter’s attention and move towards fulfilling your success story? Isn’t it a proven fact? Improving user experience means driving potential customers on the website for thorough engagement thus let them take an action thereafter. According to Search Engine Journal, apart from engaging your audiences, UX influence can also boost website authority, relevance and trust which will directly or indirectly improve search rankings. That is how you move towards your path to success.

Features of a User Friendly Website

These are few unique features of user friendly websites which keep them ahead:

  • Easy to navigate & systematically planned to place orders
  • Provides related information, relevant to the queries
  • Professionally designed & accessible to modern browsers
  • Delivers high quality, legitimate and credible contents

Understand the Importance of Interactive Visual Contents

Rob Toledo, a user engagement and bounce rate specialist at Shutterstock, speaks:

Video is one type of interactive visual content that can easily allow the webmasters to create an entirely different experience for the audiences.

Some Benefits of Video Marketing

Video marketing too have numerous benefits which you can’t underestimate in current perspective, including the following:

  • Improved SERP rank
  • Higher CTR
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Quality backlinks

Get the Benefits from Social Media

Social media channels do help you to present your brands or their products & services in front of the large chunk of audiences. With engaging contents, you undoubtedly attain big success in landing your potential customers on your website. Creating as well as distributing compelling & engaging contents through the social media always remains important from SEO and branding perspectives.

SEO is a Life Savior

You should also invest your time and energy rigorously in SEO in the New Year 2018 to avail desired benefits. It is a proven fact today that 80% of the website traffic begins with a search query. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is always an important element which you can’t underestimate.

Staying on the top of Google search takes lots of time, energy resources; research initiatives and last but not the least ample experimentation. Once you get into that position, you should stay tuned to the latest SEO news to maintain that ranking of yours which have been achieved through hard work and regular effort. Apart from the linkable contents, you should also create high quality backlinks for your website to achieve the desired SEO rankings.

Final Thoughts

The New Year 2018 is already here. You must adopt a newer content marketing way or means to drive traffic thus bring improvement in sales. You can marry your content marketing with SEO to get even better results. SEO Content India offers content marketing services to its large clientele base to drive traffic, thorough engagement and of course having ample conversions.

Hopefully, you have understood the importance of content marketing in the New Year 2018 through the medium of this elaborate post. In case you still have any doubts or confusion, do contact us know. Our expert SEO strategists will try to resolve your queries at the earliest.


  1. Nice piece. One thing that I’m doing as we enter the new year is try to write more long-form posts instead of short-form to see that increase in both engagement and SEO ranking. Thanks for sharing!

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