Blogpost Checklist for SEO

Blogpost Checklist for SEO Will Certainly Improve Rankings

Whether you are a blogger or not, but let me tell you one thing that “writing blogposts is not a joke.” You must have realized it at certain stages. General perceptions about blogging translates into reality are that it greatly helps the websites in multiple ways. Its notable benefits include persistently educating customers to improve rankings and of course to boost the customer engagement. Blogging equally decreases the bounce rates. Thus, its multifarious benefits can’t be ruled out. You cannot, and in fact, must not ignore this opportunity to let potential customers land in your website.

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To get most out of the blogging, you need to do proper homework. There are several things which you need to keep in consideration before hitting the publish button. We have enlisted here some of the notable points. They will prove helpful for everyone to attain an incredible benefit from blogging as the stepping stones for success.

Write an effective post title


The title of your blogpost is the first thing which impresses potential readers. It will seek the attention of audiences and potential customers. Thus, make it catchy as much as possible. Write an effective and catchy title first to let the readers have a glimpse on it before they study the whole blog thereafter. Keep these two major aspects into consideration while writing the blogpost titles:

  1. The title must include the keywords or phrases
  2. It must be persuasive enough for the readers to click it through

You should also remain extra cautious while writing the catchy titles. Think over it that to what extent it catches readers’ attention. If you try to deceive or disappoint them once you do more harm than good to your website by increasing bounce rate.

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Attention grabbing introduction

Once an effective post title is prepared, next step should be to maintain similar level of consistency in the introduction part. Show your writing capabilities by providing the best of wordsmith in you. Educate your readers through just few sentences at the initial stage and cover the zest of the topic in brief introduction. Readers should be made aware of these things in the concise blogpost introduction. The goal of your introduction should be to highlight the topic and also to explain that why it is so much important to the readers. Attention grabbing titles help to improve traffic to a post while a meticulously written blogpost introduction keeps the readers hooked.

While writing your blogpost introduction, you should also ensure checking following ideas to get the desired success from blogging:

  • Include an interesting statistics and link that out to the source
  • Ask a question
  • Use controversy with caution
  • Encourage to read more
  • Try to involve your readers to argue

Optimize your blogposts for SEO

optimize blogposts for SEO

The main aim of writing high quality and well researched blogs is to increase ranking of websites which resultantly improve the traffic. With an improved traffic your website will be led to generate more business leads. To make your post SEO friendly, you should always focus on the below mentioned elements:

  • Include long tail keywords in titles and subtitles
  • Use targeted keywords in the meta descriptions
  • Link out to the reputed & authentic sites
  • Interlink with the previous pages and contents
  • Optimize the images for SEO purposes
  • Write long form blog contents

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Make your contents scannable

Most probably, your readers would be busy and thus chances are high that they don’t get enough time to read whole content from start to end. If you make your content scannable, you indeed improve chances of getting that read by your target readers. Keep in consideration the following important factors:

  • Write shorter paragraphs
  • Use headings and sub-headings
  • Use the bullet points

Use of images

HubSpot reveals that contents with the relevant images get 94% more views than those contents without any relevant image. Try to include a relevant image after 75 to 100 words respectively so that you can consequently improve the readership value of your blogpost. Posts with ample visuals are highly recommended to increase the reader engagement with the website viewers.

Proofread and edit blogposts

Proofread and edit blogposts

Hire a content editing service company to get your blogposts edited and proofread. It is mandatory to tune and trim the contents to turn more readable. Professional editors spruce up your content by rectifying both grammatical and factual errors. Contents with grammatical and factual blunders often irritate the readers as they start developing this presumption that as a blogger you have proved to be a novice, and thus often commit common mistakes. Professional editors always look contents from a different angle. You should therefore focus on quality assurance.

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Write a Conclusion

Your conclusive content must highlight the problems and equally offer reasonable solution of problems discussed. The conclusive paragraph must have this sense of closure on the topic to augur for more knowledge. It might start from a specific one but ends at general readers to ensure reflection of such attitude of comprehension.

In a conclusion, you should also highlight the importance of your ideas and encourage the readers to a new point of view on the particular subject discussed. Always wrap up your conclusion with a positive note.


Above mentioned points are vital to improve readability of your blogs. They definitely prove helpful to improve website’s ranking in shortest possible time. So, keep such points into consideration before you hit the publish button. With time, blog writing services from India have become popular as most such content agencies are the cost effective ones to approach. Companies like SEO Content India offer you similar such standardized services. They guarantee for well-research contents in reasonable rates.


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