Blogs Do not Rank in SEO

Why Your Blog Still Doesn’t Rank on the Search Engines

Blogging is an integral part of website operation. It should be carried out actively to offer fresh contents alongside incorporating rest technical factors like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) operational strategies. Regular blog posts offer dual advantage to improve organic ranking of websites once people start reading them and thus they generate traffic to the best extent possible. Such traffics finally reach to the next level to convert into business leads with more customers in your fold.

It is obvious that once your blog posts rank organically on top, you start receiving client responses as public opinion on the respective blogs. This is how you are being recognized through such effective medium of obtaining organic rankings. Huffington post reveals that blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source to get accurate online information

What matters the most is that you invest your time, energy and resources to create informative blog posts? By making them unique and exclusive, you definitely leave an impeccable impact on general readers to turn them into loyal customers in the respective industries you deal in.

Unranked blogs will lose organic traffic

Unranked blogs will lose organic traffic

In case your blog posts fail to rank organically, you are literally in the verge of losing organic traffic which was the core idea and ambition to create the blogs. It has already been evaluated, researched and confirmed time and again that organic traffic improves ranking of a website thus that can’t be ignored or ruled out at any level. If your blogs struggle to get organic rankings to drive traffic, then it is impossible for you to bring improvement in sales to smoothly grow a company.

Countless benefits are there when you write blogs and post them regularly. Blogs keep the potential customers engaged on your website. Furthermore, they equally invite the readers to visit the website regularly to explore that to the maximum extent possible. It is a proven fact now that blogging remains one of the best ways to establish communication with both existing as well as potential customers. Many marketers use blog posts for restoring online reputation as well.

Here are some key reasons why blog posts fail to rank properly on Google search results.

      1. Lack of social media presence

Make your posts viral by sharing hem on different social media channels. Apart from bringing traffic into your website, such steps will equally improve branding of your organization due to easy reach to millions. Some popular and frequently used social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus et al can be used for such purpose. They will indeed create wonders for your blogs to get channelized to hundreds of thousands of people in one go.

As above mentioned popular social media sites are noticeable by all they start generating social signals and therefore resultant impact would be their direct effect on Google rankings. It is proved that search engines notice social media activities.

    2. Absence of link building strategy

While publishing your blog posts, you must ensure having a proper and highly workable internal and external link building strategy in place. You should interlink with your previous posts to increase page visits to improve website’s SEO. This is how you get noticed by maximum people. On the other hand, you should also link out to as many authority sites as possible to keep your readers in loop.

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    3. When you are new

Search engines usually take some time to recognize new blogs and to index them properly. Remember it that the more time your blog has been around, the more likely it would be indexed by search engines, especially Google. While updating your blogs, you should thus try to keep long form content instead which is preferred by Google and rest search engines. Don’t forget optimizing the keywords, meta titles and descriptions which are best supports to your SEO strategies.

    4. Forget building link to the post

Link building has been considered number one activity to improve the rankling of any website in question. Once you upload a blog post, don’t forget promoting that online. Write contents and link back to the posts. This way you improve traffic and rankings. All of this takes time, but you have to stick for your long term goals.

     5. Write readable contents

Write readable contents

If your created content isn’t interesting and readable, then you hardly avail benefit because there are increased chances of bounce rates to mar your site. It is thus necessary to write scannable and readable content that can prove worthy for you in all respects. Such contents are loved by readers as humans and so are they approached by the search engines as machines. Use images, headers, sub-headers, line breaks and bulleted lists as much as possible. They are some additional steps that bring transformation to improve blog’s readability as well as engagement level.

Final Thoughts

Being little bit cautiousness while writing blog contents and uploading them will definitely prove helpful for you to get them ranked on search engines. Organic ranking is mandatory to obtain traffic and improve ranking which can be converted into paying customers thereafter. Experts at our Content Agency in Greater Noida, India is hopeful that above mentioned tips have proved greatly helpful to our esteemed readers. In case you still have any confusion or doubt, do let us know. Our webmasters are available round the clock. We will resolve all sorts of reader queries. Our team always ascertains to provide appropriate response.

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