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When was the last time you had had conducted a blog marketing strategy analysis? How to ensure that your blogs get maximum visibility to the potential customers to the consumers you had targeted? Are you well aware of it where exactly your blog marketing strategy stands as compared to your competitors?

It is a must to evaluate such situations with persuasive steps. Search your competitors for minute observation of their whereabouts from what actually they do in terms of blog marketing strategies. Watch and review the steps they are taking to increase their website visits, leads and conversions. You can implement similar such ideas while developing your strategy.

There are several things which you can do to improve the visibility of your own blogs hence increase your sales. Besides watching the blogs & social media channels of your competitors you should equally remain active to leave positive comments on them to develop amicable relation as partners in growth.

Benefits of leaving helpful comments on a competitor’s blogs

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Since the target audience of you as well as of your competitors is same, by leaving positive and helpful comments on them you literally invite them to your website for similar such reaction in quid pro quo. It is proved that showing your presence on your competitor’s blog and social media posts through leaving helpful comments, you are indeed showing a sign of strength, boost up your SEO ranking and thus improve traffic into your site.

Although there are countless benefits of keenly evaluating the blogs of competitors; here we have enlisted a few important ones. Following are the benefits you can usually expect:

Get an idea what to do and what not to do

Watching your competitors give you a sense what to do and what not to do in your own digital marketing strategies, especially blog marketing. Learning from your competitors’ mistakes is the best way for you to actually progress. Have a keen eye on each of their blog marketing strategies. Follow them when it comes to your own blog marketing strategies for your betterment.

Find their sources of backlinks

Quality inbound and outbound links help you get the search engine rankings. Blog commenting is a great way of building high inbound quality links. Watching the competitors eases to take certain steps. The more genuine and authoritative source of backlinks you have, the higher are chances for improving the Google ranking.

Generate leads from the unhappy customers

You can easily find out the unhappy customers from their blog comments and social media pages. Find them and contact with proper solutions. Try to be professional and offer them something without compromising with either quality or price.

Apart from mentioned above, there are many other benefits of keenly watching a competitor in the trade. So, start doing it now. If you have time and resource, you can also leave helpful comments on their blogs, which is also beneficial for your company to prosper due to developing a bond.

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    1. Hi QH,

      Thanks for asking the question. There are many websites offering well researched pieces of information. So, it is advised you to make online search.

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