Adding Real Testimonials to Your Website

Add Testimonials to Increase Website Authority for Resultant Boost in the Sales

There is a big difference between traditional businesses and those disseminated through digital platforms. If you sell your products or services through websites as part of the digital resurgence, you need to credibly project your business before the potential customers. While your website carries customer testimonials, they turn into biggest advocators of your business in multiple ways. Indeed, such short descriptions as 3rd party contents become prerequisite for your success. Being the key contents on your website, they greatly convince customers to take their buying decisions without a second thought.

Usually, being unbiased comments on the basis of one’s personal experiences or encounters post a business deal, customer testimonials literally proves one of the conqueror factors for the businesses to win the hearts. They greatly persuade other or potential customers to make their minds to take buying decision quickly because later starts presuming the testimonials as unbiased facts. Besides proving a great help to increase the sales, customer testimonials are equally supportive to improve the credibility and reputation of companies concerned.

Objective testimonials as the bricks and brickbats urge for the newer degree of respect. You start gaining esteem from the future customers while being considered as one of the credible companies to be approached for a business deal.

Facilitated to the future customers through made available in multiple forms—texts, audios or video formats, you can easily add testimonials to promote your products and/or services in a convincing fashion. Adding the testimonials on your website frequently not only affirms for your credibility and trust but also proves helpful to bring a drastic improvement in site rankings. Indeed, frequently updated websites always attain better positions on the top of the search results. Such scenarios are called Social Proofs nowadays.

What is a Testimonial?

What is Testimonial

A website testimonial is an appreciation by the customers upon their use of products or services from a respective company having been approached. Testimonials often come directly from the end users once they are satisfied with products and/or services availed. A testimonial can include:

  • Customer Experiences
  • Case Studies
  • Customer Photos
  • Video Reviews
  • Customer Quotes

Why is a Testimonial Vital for a Company?

Whether you own a small, medium or a large-sized company, the big success of your business also depends on the word of mouth marketing strategies which ease your greater reach without facing any hassles. Testimonials are highly powerful as well as best and convincing Internet marketing tools. They remain pivotal to help the businesses build their credibility so do they establish a new trust. And, at the same juncture, they enjoy an improved reputation too. Such scenarios are always impactful to convert the prospects into future loyal clients. With the testimonials posted on your website, you definitely gain new confidence so do you win over the trust of your prospects to let them take an action.

Benefits of Adding Testimonials on Your Website

Always keep this universal fact into consideration that “credibility of a particular company is always an essential tool for its success while products and or services are favored as preferred options”. Strategic and intelligent use of testimonials on a website can go a long way to promote the products and services. When it becomes a reality you certainly garner more business success in the least time frame and boast that as well.

1. Improves Bond

Testimonials not only increase your emotional bond with the existing clients who came forward to speak up through sharing honest opinions, but also they equally support you get connected to the prospects in a newer connotation for the future bonding. Your potential customers develop faith in your company so do they trust the products or services you deal in upon seeing direct feedback from previous clients. That is why you should strive to contact your customers for their original testimonials. Also, ensure that they are updated in your website with the proper names, pictures and hierarchies they have to let them reassure that their efforts were valued and recognized.

2. Boosts Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Testimonials and reviews on the websites are also helpful in giving a new boost to the SEO activities. Keeping this important element into consideration, you mustn’t forget approaching satisfied customers to share their valuable testimonials and the reviews they have to help you gain the trust of other potential clients. The more testimonials you publish, the better your search results would be. Testimonials not only influence the website authority, but also prove helpful for your website to attain recognition from Google. This is how you achieve a new milestone.

3. Generate More Sales

It has been proven time and again that creatively written unique testimonials can literally create wonders through their irrefutable support and help to the businesses to grow manifold. People read testimonials or reviews before making any purchases as smart consumers. They want complete assurance that a buying decision taken doesn’t turn into a blunder. If testimonials are positive, prospects would read and attract towards the company. It means that more businesses are for you and in your kitty. It takes a lot to get a prospect to your website but he/she might leave it instantly, once realized that the website isn’t updated as one would have expected.

4. Free of Cost Marketing Technique

Getting testimonials from satisfied customers is 100% free. All you need to do is to write a polite email and follow them until they write a testimonial or make a video for you to post on the website. Paid options are also available, but why to go for them when free choices are easily available beforehand.


Strategies and intelligent use of testimonials prove a boon in disguise for companies in the long run. Get in touch with your customers and keep requesting them to offer you their testimonials. Keep updating such testimonials on your website regularly. Make sure that you use real testimonials, and if possible provide the contact details, pictures and posts of that particular person who might have supplied to you with one’s testimonials.

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