How many Pages a Website Should Have

How Many Web Pages Should a Website Have to Boost Its SEO strategies?

Webmasters are frequently asked by the website owners about how many content pages a website should have excluding blogs being posted regularly. And, further questions that often create perplexities are about keeping specific number of pages to additions for the betterment of SEO. There is no “one size fits all” answer to the above questions. Logically, it can be understood through an answer that “it depends on the specific conditions” of website plan and et al.

There are indeed many factors to consider while you take decisions to maintain and operate websites. The pagination element takes into account several factors. It can be well understood in this context that competitors, number of products or services dealt in and the industry in general besides the individual budget matter the most.

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Remember that in case your products and services are common while competitors have numerous pages to compete, then you are going to have a hard time beating them with your website which has mere 1 to 5 pages thus not prepared to win.

Google’s Matt Cutts says that more pages do not necessarily correlate with a higher SEO rank.

Since inception itself, Google has always focused on quality factor rather than the quantity aspects. Numbers don’t matter in SEO while quality of pages do matter the most. Chances of having increased ranking would always be high if your pages have fresh and updated contents. Thus, it is necessary to focus on quality parameters of the contents created for websites. It must be kept in mind that Google decrease the websites’ rankings even though they have multiple pages but outdated, duplicate as well as manipulative content meant to be created with the sole aim to increase rankings. In addition to that, empty pages too aren’t liked by the search engines.

Avoid Manipulative or Blank Pages

It is a proven fact that search engines, especially Google prefer, catch and love high quality pages which are readable by humans as well as machines. The big question is still here that what steps to take to turn web pages qualitative to appeal search engines by fulfilling their parameters.

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Many factors are beforehand which contribute to the quality of webpages, including the major ones mentioned here:

Use Specific Meta Titles & Descriptions

Try keeping Meta titles and Meta descriptions as much specific as possible. Common page titles not only confuse search engines but also hardly prove helpful for the consumers to understand what your pages are all about. Having perfect information means easy to navigate for both – search engines and consumers.

Share Only Relevant Information

Consumers land into your pages to get desired information they seek. If a page is irrelevant to them, then they will never leave it immediately. If the case goes opposite, then your site will definitely increase the bounce rate. Thus, you should have long form content to improve ranking & engagement, and also ascertain that it is well researched and relevant to your brand and products and/or services. A content less than 300 words is considered to be thin by Google.

Create Readable and Actionable Content

While generating contents, you should always ensure focusing on the concerns of general readers in mind to project them to the maximum extent possible. First of all, start with creating readable contents to augur the potential visitors to land on your website. If you attain success in getting them into your website half of your work completes. The rest half persuasion would be through an actionable content which motivates readers to read and let them take action.

Interlink Your Pages

Interlink your web pages

You should equally focus on other important factor to interlink the web pages. It is an exemplary step to improve ranking on search engines. Keep this aspect into consideration that while you begin interlinking process you shouldn’t forget using only desired and long anchor texts. It is an important factor and its results would be entirely different. If you target various pages of a specific website from the same keyword (search term), you indeed create more harm than attaining benefits because such activities, as considered keyword Cannibalization, are extremely detrimental instead of turning lucrative choice which you might think of it.

Things to Consider When you Add Pages

However, there are many things, you need to keep in your mind when you add pages on your website.

Avoid duplication

Duplicate content not only irritates your readers, but also affect your search engine rankings. Add as much pages as you want for your website, but make sure all pages have fresh and quality content. In addition, you should write separate page titles and descriptions for each page to avoid duplication.

Avoid miscellaneous pages

Each page on your website should be different from others, so you must ensure that you give each page a clear focus and a clear title. Do not misguide your readers with unwanted information.

Avoid dead ends

You should avoid dead ends, instead take your readers to other related pages. You can engage your readers by using breadcrumbs, links, or extra navigation bars on inside pages, but ensure no visitor leaves your website instantly.

Final Thoughts

While winding up this post, we conclude in the light of above mentioned arguments that having more pages is indeed good for SEO, provided they are systematically optimized for SEO. Last but not the least, their readability value for readers equally prove a deciding factor. It is also understood that quality of pages remains more important than the quantity element. You should thus ascertain using professionally written contents only to bring an improvement in SEO thus engagement hence resultant ranking fulfillment. Keep it in mind that high quality fresh contents are liked by search engines as much as human readers for knowledge enhancement.


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