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How to Improve SEO Rankings of Old Blog Posts

It is an era of digital resurgence, boom in communication infrastructure has impeccable impact on our lives. As businesses are having their biggest ever transformations from traditional to online due to fast popularity of eCommerce sites & apps, there always remains ardent need of blogging. Writing blogs is mandatory to keep the websites stuffed with the latest information trends. Equally is important promoting them through various channels to improve the SEO rankings and thus organic traffic.

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Blog post writing is considered one of the most effective ways to support an ongoing digital marketing activity. Such posts are always helpful to improve SEO, and to engage existing customers while you boost up further customer retention. An exemplary means to build the overall brand images, blogposts leave greater impact. As the strategies for SEO improvement have changed over the years, it is crucial that you should remain aware of some of the solid tactics or strategies which offer you an assured improvement in the search visibility of your website in 2018.

There are many benefits of successful blog marketing strategies, including online reputation management, support ongoing SEO strategies, improve traffic, establish communication, improve credibility, among others. So, keep writing blogs consistently and let the old blogs updated to match the requirements of the industry and readers & search engines engaged.

How to improve ranking of uploaded blogs

Do you find your blog posts ranking low in search engines even though they were informative and creatively written stuffs? You are keen to see your updated blog posts rank high for the specific keywords? Do you want to improve ranking of your existing blog posts? Here we discuss the feasible solutions to fulfill such customized needs.

Sometimes, your blogposts appear on second or third pages that hardly make them fruitful due to remaining unnoticed. The fact is that being on the third page is not much different than being on seventh page. If your pages appear on the 2nd or 3rd pages, then slight SEO work would definitely help you get them on the 1st page of Google to help you remain noticed.

Our experts mention below the 6 unique ways to help you discover the tools and tips that bring surefire improvement in the search ranking of your already published blog posts.

#1. Start Building High Quality Backlinks

Start Building High Quality Backlinks

In 2018, backlinks from high-quality, relevant and authoritative sites remain one of the unique and highly fruitful SEO strategies to get the websites ranked on search engines. There are several methods to get such links, including writing guest posts, sharing infographics and by creating social media profiles. While getting the posts published for your link building strategy, don’t forget checking the domain authority and page authority of a particular site to obtain the desired result. High quality backlinks definitely improve your ranking.

#2. Include More Keywords

One of the easiest ways to improve ranking of an already published blog is to include more keywords synonyms, related phrases and concepts et al to get noticed. So, now all you need to do is go back to your updated blogs to optimize them through inculcating more long tail keywords to improve the ranking. You can add additional contents as well by using your targeted keywords. Add content while maintaining your keyword density. You should maintain the length of your content as a content less than 300 words is considered to be thin by Google.

#3. Republish Your Old Content

Republishing old content is other sure shot means to improve search engine rankings of blogs to the best extent possible. Edit your existing blogs by incorporating certain spinning ideas besides the addition of new sections and information. Ensure that you embed new images or videos in them for freshness or newness in the existing blogs before getting them republished. You should equally keep in consideration the value of updating dates thus you must edit the already published date to give it a new look and feel. Furthermore, you mustn’t forget sharing the republished blogs on the social media channels to engage & attract your social media fans and followers.

#4. Create Internal Links

Create Internal Links

Although backlinks from relevant and authoritative sites are crucial to gain high rankings. You shouldn’t therefore misjudge the power of internal links as well. Create internal links to relevant blogposts to give your site structure and engage the audiences besides favoring Google to understand your site and thus take the next step to rank your content at the right juncture. While creating internal linking, you must link to a page that talks about similar topics and has related keywords to add more value. High ranking posts are advised for the internal linking to bring immediate results.

#5. Edit Your Meta Titles and Descriptions

You must slightly edit the meta titles and descriptions by inculcating the long tail keywords. It is worthwhile because meta titles and descriptions play important role to improve ranking of your posts. While writing meta titles and descriptions, you shouldn’t forget to read Google Guidelines. It keeps you thoroughly informed of the latest guidelines. And, it changes with time as well, so you must go through the latest webmaster guidelines.

#6. Improve LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Content

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is a technique to let Google understand what exactly a certain keyword means. Apple means fruit and a company as well. Improving LSI means while you talk about the fruit apple, you must include keywords like nutrients, health, and eat et al to let Google assess your keyword motive. If you are talking about the Apple company then include keywords such as Phone Cover, iPad, Steve Jobs, and apps etc., for genuine Google assessment of your keyword.


Churning out blogposts is always helpful in your digital marketing efforts. If the blogs are on the second or third pages, you can easily bring them on the first page through including the above mentioned 6 SEO strategies. Bringing your blogposts at the first page doesn’t only mean an improved traffic, but also to have overall branding of your company which you had dreamed for. Foe more suggestions, you should contact us at SEO Content India.

It has also proved that improved traffic also improves overall ranking of your website. Bloggers should keep their blogs updating in order to let them relevant in the industry. Blogs with outdated information is neither read nor liked by your readers. Even Google does not like outdated blogs, so keep your old blogs fresh and up-to-date.

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