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Running a corporate blog remains part and parcel of a successful content marketing strategy that leaves greater impact. Well planned and effective content marketing tactics always help businesses to initiate newer communication resources to begin one on one avenues with the customers for better outcomes. They increase brand awareness besides driving traffic and generating leads.

You have unlimited benefits of running a company blog successfully. Availing all of them often becomes a monstrous task because it requires thorough planning and implementation strategies. Availing all the benefits could definitely prove rewarding experience but at the same juncture it is a tough nut to chew to manage blogging tasks singlehandedly. Achieving your desired goal of keeping a corporate blog into the frontrunner pace would be a tough task without proper planning. You must learn from your previous mistakes and always have an eye on the latest promotional activities to make such attempts truly meaningful.

Corporate blogs India

Before starting to write your blogs, you must do ample research about your audiences to study their expectations at the first juncture. In addition, plan and manage your editorial calendar to ascertain you are consistent in blogging now and in future.

Through the medium of this blog, our experts have highlighted a few tips on how to make your corporate blogs successful.

#1. A good corporate blog speaks to its target audiences

Success of a corporate blog solely depends upon the content put in it. The bloggers need to figure out their target audiences and their exact requirements prior to writing one for them. Keep the content of your blog communicative as much as possible. It should be communicative with the audiences so that they are easily persuaded to fill in your query forms without having any second thought.

#2. The Blog post must have at least 400 to 1000 words

Word Limit of corporate blogs

With the changed perceptions of general masses, everybody loves to read elaborated blogs nowadays. You must therefore keep the word count sufficient. If you are getting upwards of 1,000 words, consider breaking your blog post into two parts instead, and rather use the bullets. Try to resolve the common questions of your readers in your content. Furthermore, you shouldn’t forget to maintain the keyword density which is equally pivotal for blogs to keep or break your image, depending on their uses.

#3. Make the post easy to read

You don’t know the education level of your potential customers. It is advisable that you must keep the language of your blog easily understandable so that even laymen enjoy reading that. Your blogs would be read by countless people which include the intellectuals and general masses. If language of your blog is tough and colloquial English, no matter how informatively written, potential readers would dump that. There are many things you need to keep in mind while writing blog content, including keyword density.

#4. Be a consistent blogger

One of the biggest mistakes which corporate houses often do is that they literally stop blogging the sooner they witness rise in the traffic. Your traffic might hit if you stop writing blogs and or cease sharing them on social media channels. Be a consistent blogger and so should you keep sharing each and every blog so that you receive genuine traffic from different sources. Keeping an eye on competitors’ blogs is also helpful to find out sources of backlinks and understand latest happening in the industry.

#5. Take help from the Social Media

Social media corporate blogs

Marketers understand the importance of social media today. That is why almost all of them maintain an effective social media marketing strategy. Make the most of social media websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote your blogs. Social media helps you improve SEO, engage traffic and increase brand awareness.

#6. Market your blogs

Writing, publishing and sharing your blog is not sufficient or an end of the journey. You have to equally market them so that they are made easily accessible to unlimited readers and potential customers to avail as much benefits as possible. Let people start writing comments, liking and sharing your blogs with ease. If you receive their comments regularly, then you mustn’t forget responding to them immediately. It will develop your credibility and stance before all and sundry.


Writing and publishing a corporate blog is indeed beneficial on multiple ways. Before you write them, you should follow the above mentioned six points which have been discussed to bring awareness amongst blog writers. By doing so, you definitely make your blogs truly profitable for your corporation to leave greater impact.

Apart from SEO benefits and branding, an informative blog can equally improve the traffic and generate revenue. Such are the added values of quality blogs. If you do not have professional writers in your company, then you can outsource the work to an blog writing agency or hire a freelancer.

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