Unique Features of Product Descriptions

Know the Killer Features of Effective & Persuasive Product Descriptions

Entrepreneurship is always believed to be the smoothest of the passages to success for those thinking out of the box. And, at the same juncture, trade & business remains equally famous for welcoming many spontaneous risks. Are you one of those daredevil individuals owning or managing ecommerce websites and prepared to take the big risk? If you are one, then for sure you are also aware of this key fact that product descriptions are pivotal for the businesses to reach at their zenith.

Product descriptions, as short descriptions about the products or services, are the lifelines for businesses to attain success through the features being highlighted. Such short contents make it feasible for the products to attain popularity before the respective target groups.

An informative, well-written and attractive product description will play pivotal role to give a particular product newer boost. Articulately written product descriptions are therefore dually beneficial. They help to improve the ranking of respective websites through which a particular product or service is brought before any prospective buyer. Such short descriptions easily coax the prospects to take an action and quicker buying decisions.

Engaging and actionable product descriptions persuade the web visitors to click that “Add to Cart” button right away. TranslateMedia thoroughly defines the multiple factors that can turn any product description into truly engaging and worthwhile contents. While creating such descriptions, there are certain points which one must keep into consideration to obtain genuine results from them. One must learn the ways and techniques about how to create better yet descriptive texts for each and every item offered in a store from a particular ecommerce store or the services provided.

Main Features of Product Descriptions

Main Features of Product Descriptions

It goes without saying that prospects always take buying decisions after their thorough assessment of product features. Getting them known to the most important attributes of products or services mean that you are success in persuading people to find a reason to buy your products or services. TNW evaluated the key factors – the matter of perspective and also evaluating an opportunity with thoughtfully created product descriptions.

Unfortunately, large chunk of smaller as well as bigger ecommerce portals have still literally devalued this proven fact nowadays. They haven’t embraced the power of product descriptions yet thus they often find themselves in the downwards growth. In general, such parties either have one-liner descriptions or even no descriptions at all which hardly make any sense. Such insensitivity of theirs towards the products & services they deal in literally create a potential problem of hindering to be noticed. Such lethargies result into them losing their large number of new clients. It is high time, such ecommerce websites must focus and reconsider the subjugated features of product descriptions in mind. The time is rife that they get the descriptions of their products or services being generated professionally. That will ascertain fast increase in the sales. Creative and quality product descriptions ensure fast increase in the sales thus business thrive.

#1. Create user friendly contents

The logic is simple that the moment a prospect lands on your product page and finds out user friendly contents being supported through the relevant images to distinguish your product or services, they would be urged naturally to take an action and fill the order form without having second thought. It is mandatory that whenever you are creating contents for products or services to explain them, it should be ascertained to bring fresh yet informative contents in minimum words.

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Provide maximum details in minimum words to appeal to your customers. Do remember this fact that apart from humans, even search engines get attracted to fresh quality contents thus increase the traffic. Google won’t promote an empty page, no matter how attractive it looks in appearance. Your product description contents must therefore have the following attributes:

  • Educate the readers
  • Answer potential questions
  • Engages the prospects
  • Coaxes the prospects
  • Maintains eye-catching titles and headings

#2. Simple language

Product description readers are not the scholars planning to do some research on your products or services. One can be a learned person or even the laymen looking for specific products or services in which you are dealing. They will land you’re your site to find comprehensive details about the products or services they are looking for. Remember it that your product pages would be visited by numerous people from all walks of life. Most of them will have variegated educational backgrounds. Keep that important factor into consideration and write your descriptions in a simple yet creative language. Moz lauds those product descriptions which have unique features of simple and easily graspable language.

Chances are high that you will fail to engage the readers through those product descriptions which are otherwise not easily understandable. Despite having well- researched yet informative descriptions you might fail in your attempt to peruse the customers only because of the single most important factor of ignoring the content coherence. Avoid using the unnecessary tough words. Your content must remain an informative one to seek the attention of the laymen and intelligentsia. Never ever try to be unnecessarily verbose to simply bore your readers. Quality content is a lifeline for the websites to gain newer boost.

Tips to turn the product descriptions easily understandable:

  • Use easy to understand words
  • Create smaller paragraphs
  • Use titles, subtitles & bullets

#3. Highlight the Unique Selling Point (USP)

Product descriptions are solely meant to fulfill the primary criteria of highlighting the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the specific products or services. There is no harm in describing various features but that doesn’t mean that it is turned dry and or uninteresting for the readers. Effective product descriptions are those that must seek reader attention through numerous features and at the same juncture help to educate the prospects. They should start thinking on it why a product or service beforehand is a special one that merits to be taken instantly.

Besides persuading the readers to get the products or services, quality product descriptions also highlight multiple other reasons and potential advantages why the products or services should be used for their distinct features.

#4. Add keywords

Google advises that websites must have the contents written and posted for the humans instead of the search engine bots. People often make such blunders that they write contents for the machines only. When it comes to writing product descriptions, emotional pitch must augment in these short contents to directly impact readers. Use emotional triggers in such contents to boost ecommerce sales. Above mentioned ideas are one side of content formation. The other one which is equally important and can’t be ignored at any point of time is valuing keywords for ranking and thus attention seeking.

Try to insert long tail and short tail keywords in the product descriptions naturally. Repeating keyword too many times in contents with this aim to stuff them unnecessarily is always a bad idea. That will appear unnatural thus possibly develop an avenue for Google to seek extra attention therefore find that suspicious. Use of keyword phrases naturally will help greatly to improve rankings. It proves beneficial to generate traffic to websites through particular keyword that is clicked.

#5. Use high quality images

Images always prove helpful to seek the attention of your prospects. Supporting images in the high resolution quality impresses potential buyers to take instant buying decisions. It is therefore advisable that one shouldn’t compromise with the quality of images used while they bring product descriptions in fore in any of the popularity attempts. If a picture is worth a thousand words, inserting the right words will make it worth a million. Optimize your images before uploading for the SEO boost.

Writing Good Descriptions is a Long Term Investment

Writing Good Descriptions is a Long Term Investment

Product descriptions are the mature writings on products & service to overhaul their every single aspect in the least possible words. Carefully crafted and professionally written product descriptions for ecommerce portals or online stores is indeed a long-term yet fruitful investment to reap the fruit for a longer time period. Besides educating the prospects, quality descriptions are equally helpful to gain and sustain an improved organic ranking. Once you obtain your place in the first page of Google, you start getting leads which results into sales increase.

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