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What are the Benefits of Guest posting

Have you ever thought what makes Guest Posting unique and noticeable? It is one of the ultimate ways to build back-links and to develop the brand image. Posting a quality and unique blog on your own site is useful, but simply placing fresh contents as your own blogs aren’t going to maximize your online presence.

It is worth noting that guest posting or guest blogging on other reputed websites is a great means to gain bigger following on own social media accounts and even in the websites, while also gaining credibility, inbound links and networking opportunities, to mention a few benefits.

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Before moving ahead, you must learn “what is guest posting”. Guest posting means writing and publishing blog or guest post on someone else’s website or blog. There are many benefits of guest posting but we have shortlisted a few notable ones here which include:-

1. Enhances Credibility

Writing about a certain topic on a regular basis projects makes you as an expert in that particular niche or industry. Internet users start loving to read a piece of an expert and give lots of importance to the credibility of such experts before clicking through to a landing page. With time, your credibility in the industry too improves the most. You start getting frequent likes, comments and shares thus gain the advantage.

2. Get inbound Links

Inbound links play biggest roles in the search engine ranking algorithm. That is why people choose guest posting as one of the sources to create inbound links. Most guest post sites allow writers to submit a bio and/or their social media profile URLs to be published at the end of a post. Such links drive referral traffics, and so do they boost up organic search rankings. They lead to better search visibility for an author’s website.

Since guest blog posts provide inbound links, so it is always imperative for you to provide only high-quality content.

3. Increase Organic Traffic

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Each time you publish your guest blogs, you get one or more links back to your website. In short, you improve search engine rankings of the websites to the best. Improved ranking helps potential clients find your website in search engines and thus you get an organic traffic. In addition, inbound links also help you get traffic. Quality and well researched guest posts on a few top guest blog sites would not only popularize your brand or products/services to the world, but will also persuade the potential customers to learn more about you.

4. Get Materials for Social Networking Sites

Having a high quality and informative published content on a reputed site to share with countless followers leaves an irrefutable impact in your social media marketing initiatives. You can share your guest posts through various social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. With fresh and sharable content, you have better opportunities to engage fans, followers and friends. If you keep sharing your contents on various social networks, Google and other search engines start giving it more importance. It thus brings your pages in the limelight in search results.

5. Get Search Engine Rankings

Everyone in SEO industry is well informed of the importance of dofollow backlinks. High quality dofollow backlinks help websites get search engine rankings. In a guest post, you can submit unique but effective quality content, which helps readers to get vital information. You will surely get dofollow backlinks from that blog and thus enjoy higher ranks in Google.


Whether you are looking for credibility, brand building, outbound links, social media exposures, search engine rankings or all of the above, guest blogging is one of the most genuine content marketing strategies advised for all. While it takes dedication to consistently write high quality, fresh and great posts, benefits far outweigh the time and the resource investment. Guest blogging will support your ongoing SEO activities.

Guest blogging has become one of the beat ways to get high quality links, so you cannot overlook its benefits. You must prepare high quality and SEO optimized content for guest posts in order to get the maximum results out of it. While publishing the posts, try to choose only authoritative sites and use outbound links as well to reputed and known sites.


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