SEO Strategies for 2018 & Beyond

15 SEO Strategies for 2018 & Beyond by SEO Content India

There has occurred drastic transformation in the SEO strategies in today’s digital era. The situational irony is that while such vital changes and resurgences are happening now, large chunk of webmasters and SEO experts are still ignorant and might not even know about such developments. We have already entered into 2018 with new zeal and enthusiasm. Each of us has new resolutions for current year and beyond. It is high time we equally think and focus on the SEO strategies as well.

Remember an important fact that the prevailing SEO strategies that could have been of great help to get you ranked at the first page way back in say 2016 are not only outdated today but also even literally harmful to hurt your website’s rankings to the greater extent in current scenario. What should be your step in such circumstances then? Of course, the time is rife for you to adopt newer strategies.

SEO Techniques for 2018 & Beyond

SEO Techniques for 2018 & Beyond

SEO experts at SEO CONTENT INDIA (SCI) have prepared below some of the most effective strategies which can be of great help. They thoroughly researched and so did they consult industry exporters to prepare the following strategically effective yet highly workable tips which leave amazing impact:

  1. Take effective measures to improve engagement & boost rankings
  2. Go for turning your existing pages longer & elaborative
  3. Focus on improving your website’s speed
  4. Rely on the long-tail key phrases
  5. Try to build the backlinks as much as possible
  6. Keep an eye on the Local SEO and Listings
  7. Take measures to boost your social media presence
  8. Keep the importance of Guest posting in mind
  9. Create unique contents on regular intervals
  10. Consider several search engines
  11. Optimize for the voice searches
  12. Always go for secure & amply such steps
  13. Create more Video Contents
  14. Make your website mobile friendly
  15. Think of ‘Linkless’ backlinks

#1. Try to Improve Engagement for the Resultant Rankings Boost

Google has not officially confirmed yet that improved engagements boost organic rankings. But there are evidences that suggest that Google does reward those sites which are strong user engagements with the higher page rankings.

Similarly, the more traffic a site received, the higher it tended to rank.

The logic is simple that if someone spends longer time on a page, it is probably because he/she found that page useful & interesting. Google pushes the sites with stronger engagement up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

How to Boost Visitor Engagement on Your Website
  • Create engaging contents
  • Be generous with internal linking
  • Make your website easy to navigate
  • Optimize for the mobile traffic
  • Fast loading speed

#2. Make Your Existing Pages Longer

A recent study by Backlinko confirms that the longer the content is, the higher the chance of it ranking at the top of the SERPs.

Editing and adding some contents in your existing pages are definitely good ideas as they already have authority and established readerships. So, rather than writing something entirely from the scratch, it is a great idea to find a post of yours that is already performing well on the search engines, refresh that with the latest data and information and add few extra content in it. And, you must rely on the existing signals to make it rank for the terms. This is how you achieve the target smoothly.

The usual length of your content must remain 2000 plus words. Even 1200-worded contents aren’t the bad idea. Google wants to provide you sufficient information so it always prioritizes the long form contents.

#3. Improve Site Speed

Your website must open within seconds the moment someone clicks. Slow speed not only irritates readers but also increases the bounce rate. In order to improve the loading speed of your website, you must optimize images besides videos before uploading them.

Back in 2010, Google had announced that it would be using the site speed as a ranking factor. And, since then, the search giant has consistently emphasized the importance of site speed.

#4. Rely on the Long-tail Key Phrases

Rely on the Long-tail Key Phrases

Keywords are useful to persuade and get potential customers land on your website. Be strategic and prudent in using them to attain greater rewards from their uses. Long tail keywords are suggested due to numerous benefits like less competition, more qualified leads and also because chances of them improving the head term rankings. Long-tail keywords are easily ranked on the popular search engines.

#5. Create Backlinks

Despite what you might have heard about the backlinks, they are still very much important to improve the rankings and so do they maintain them as well. Create the backlinks from authority websites to ensure for your sure shot rankings.

Moz reveals that, without backlinks, it is next to impossible to rank your website even if you have well-researched and quality contents.

#6. Local SEO and Listings

Local SEO and listings are effective ways to market your company or its products & services online. They are helpful for the businesses to promote their products & services to local consumers at the exact timing they are looking for them.

According to Single Grain, If your organization do not optimize for the local search results, your business could lose countless potential customers.

#7. Boost Your Social Media Presence

Apart from increasing the ranking of your website, there are several other related benefits to improve the social media presence. Some benefits include improving the overall brand awareness, an increase in inbound traffic, boost in the conversion rates, enhancing brand loyalties and last but not the least, ample boost in the sales.

#8. Guest Blogging

A rumor often circulates in the market that guest blogging is indeed dead now, but it is not true. While writing guest posts, you should ensure having high quality and well researched contents. In addition to that, also keep in mind that your posts get approved in the authoritative websites. You are thus advised to approach an authoritative blogger who publishes your content on a particular blog to bring the desired benefit to you.

#9. Create Unique Contents Consistently

Google always catches and prefers fresh and quality contents and therefore gives priority to them for the ranking purposes. Create quality and well-researched contents on regular intervals to improve traffic and to invite Google bots to crawl. Remember it that your contents should be created as the problem solving stuffs which equally remain an engaging on for maximum appeal. It has also been confirmed nowadays that traffic improves the ranking of concerned websites.

#10. Consider Several Search Engines

Undoubtedly, Google has attained a position of the world’s famous and most popular search engines today. It does not mean though that you should overlook the rest search engines. You will also get customers by ranking high in other search engines like Bing and Yahoo to name a few.

#11. Optimize for Voice Search

Online businesses cannot ignore the importance of voice searches in 2018 and beyond. Since 2008, Google voice searches have increased by 35 times, with 20% of them done on the mobiles. So, you should optimize your website for the voice searches as well. And, by 2020, 50% of all searches would be done through the voice searches only.

#12. Go Secure

Using the “https” safeguards connections and information on your website. It is thus advised that website owners should go for the secure options only. Search engines prefer secure websites over the non-secure ones. To make your website secure, you might need to pay few bucks to your hosting solution providers.

#13. Create More Video Contents

Organizations must also focus on creating videos because Internet users do prefer them over blogs and images nowadays. It is also seen that people have developed a tendency to search on YouTube before even going to Google. As YouTube is 2nd most popular search engine after Google, you cannot afford to miss it. When posting your videos on YouTube, you can link back your website for SEO benefits.

#14. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

In this era of smartphones today, you must optimize your website for smartphones. Now, most people around the world own smartphones like iPhone or Android phones et al. They have access to Internet regularly for numerous online activities.

#15. ‘Linkless’ Backlinks

Creating backlinks has been considered as one of the best SEO tactics to improve the rankings of respective websites. But times are changing now and even the link-less mentions the link-less mentions the link-less mentions can be considered as an off-page signal of equal weight. It has also been confirmed that Bing is already using the unlinked mentions for ranking purpose. That is why there should be equal focus on this aspect as well.


SEO has changed completely over the years. So, webmasters and SEO experts need to get themselves updated with the changing trends. These tips will help all of you to turn your websites more appealing and perfect for 2018 and beyond. Apart from attaining rankings of your websites, implementation of such tips will equally prove helpful for you to improve brand awareness initiatives thus maximize the customer loyalty.

Are you seeking SEO services offered by professionals? You can contact SEO CONTENT INDIA agency today. Apart from the latest SEO services, we also help our customers in creating unique blog contents.


  1. Hi Jamalul,

    Great article you have here. The tips you presented for SEO success in 2018 are amazing. If one should implement these strategies correctly, you are sure to win in terms of SEO.

    However, the rise of voice search has mad SEO more interesting, thus, using questions phrases in your content is essential because most voice search commands are performed using question phrases, which makes it very important to incorporate question keywords phrases in your content campaign.

    In as much as voice search continues to rise, mobile optimization is equal important for the success of your SEO campaigns.

    Thanks for sharing this amazing tips!

    1. Dear Mr. Moss Clement,

      Thanks for your appreciation. We write carefully and inculcate each piece of information from authentic source.

      Thanks for your appreciation.

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