What to do after publishing a post

Crucial Steps You Should Take After Publishing New Posts

Digital world and business operations require innumerable steps to run the sites for products or services seamlessly. From where should you begin and at what steps to end. The reality is that there is no full stop when it comes to do business with a greater zeal. You always keep applying innovative ideas for the bigger rewards thus success thrives. Similar approach is applicable for the blog posts you write for your website. Never ever assume that once you wrote a blog post and posted that on the website to go live, your task ends. If you believe so and feel that mere writing or posting of blogs would suffice and your work completes then you are indeed not following the right path.

Understand a proven fact and the realities which make everything crystal clear that why writing blogs isn’t enough. Writing and publishing a post is just half the work done. There is equally an ardent need for you to create favorable atmosphere for the posts to come across to the readers without facing any hassle. It thus demands some technical and strategic planning. Accomplish such tasks on priority basis to ascertain your creatively written well-researched blog posts reach up to the desired reader base. Before we move ahead to learn it what to do after writing the posts, let’s first try to learn the major benefits of blogging.

SEO experts and webmasters consider that blogging is part and parcel of SEO and content marketing strategies. Consistent blogging is always helpful in numerous ways, including these most notable ones:

  • Improves SEO
  • Builds Credibility
  • Increases Traffic
  • Educates Customers
  • Connects People to Your Brand
  • Establishes Your Business as an Industry Leader

Above mentioned benefits are major ones which blogging offers. It is the primary factor that most corporations, organizations and entrepreneurs focus to encourage on quality blogging to keep their corporate websites in the leading positions as part of their content marketing business strategies.

You have been made aware of the benefits of blogging above. It’s high time you should also remain abreast of some associated factors with blogging. You won’t be able to get maximum benefits from blogs if they don’t stumble upon their readers or fail to seek reader attention. There is no dearth of promotional strategies or tips to use or avail the benefit of bringing contents into global limelight. You must focus on them in order to grow the businesses through maximum reach. Start with evaluating various such strategies and or implying one which suits to your need.

10 Things to Do After Publishing a Post on your Website

10 Things to Do After Publishing a Post on your Website

#1. Email your subscribers

Your existing as well as potential customers might not visit your website on regular intervals to find out any new content you have published. It must remain your preferred step to let them know something new which you offer. People often keep checking their emails for professional as well as personal purposes. While they get yours and find an email which has something new through even the mailer heading, they definitely click to read that further provided they are interesting stuffs. And thus, your ultimate goal to let the subscribers read your post gets fulfilled.

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#2. Share on the social media channels

There are currently 2.46 billion social media users globally, and it is expected to reach to 2.95 billion by 2020. The number of social media users has been increasing in the leaps and bounds each passing of the day. Can you ignore such platforms in the present scenario for your steps to promote contents? You can’t. It is advisable to use various social media channels to promote posts among existing as well as potential customers for your maximum channelization. It is obvious that interested people will always click to land on your website to bring one more avenue for you thus they will cement a new business relationship.

#3. Respond to each comment

Once you write a well-researched and informative post and make that live through your website as well as various digitally supported channels, you are bound to receive variegated comments from your attentive readers. Some of them might appreciate your work while there would be many to literally criticize you in different frameworks. Chances are high that some of them would raise a few questions which are related to your post or any other angle they feel to seek elaborated information. Remember it that such stages are crucial for you to bridge the relation with future and existing customers. You must respond to each and every comment sensibly. In fact responding to comments has been considered a great way to build stronger readerships besides improving engagements and thus inviting people to visit the website once again.

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#4. Use social bookmarking sites

Apart from getting a quality backlink, you can generate relevant traffic from the social bookmarking sites. Your links on the social bookmarking sites would be indexed faster through the search engines. Countless such social bookmarking sites are available beforehand. You can select any one to start working on them.

#5. Re-share your contents

Social media have millions of users and the number is increasing incessantly. Every one of them will come across to your contents while you post that for the first time. You should therefore keep posting and re-sharing your contents on regular intervals. Do keep it in mind that re-sharing does not mean you pick up the URL and share that instantly. Always make some slight change by editing the contents in certain aspects. It will prove greatly helpful to bring drastic improvement in your SEO strategies.

#6. Edit your old posts

Writing new posts for SEO and traffic is a good activity. You shouldn’t also forget it that editing old posts can equally benefit to save time and energy and that too while offering you ample benefits. After the Google Panda algorithm update, it has become mandatory for everybody to keep their old posts relevant and up-to-date. Apart from adding additional relevant images, you should optimize such posts for the search engine visibility purpose.

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#7. Repurpose your contents

No matter how useful and well-researched your content is, after a certain time period, it will disappear from the minds of your readers. It all happens because they keep receiving newer ideas and information every now and then. You can take the advantage of content repurposing in such scenario. Start with using the old content to repurpose to present in an entirely different perspective. Making an infographic or video can be one of the alternative options through content repurposing.

#8. Contact bloggers to mention your post

You should contact respective bloggers from your industry and ask him/her to mention your post in whatever way possible. This way you will improve ranking, generate traffic and also increase subscribers. It is a great activity to improve SEO too.

#9. Build backlinks for the posts

Build backlinks for the posts

Once you post a blog, it may or may not rank organically. So, you must create a few quality backlinks for your post in order to let it rank organically. Once it finds place in the first page of search engines, it will start getting traffic for your success.

#10. Write your next post

You must remain a consistent blog writer to avail the SEO benefits to the best extent possible. In case you run out of time, then better involve professional writers through outsourcing this task to write your future blogs. It will ensure that you post blogs on regular basis. Such practices will your improve traffic, build credibility and thus increase leads. You can also interlink your previous posts to avail the benefit of link juices. So, keep writing the blogs or get them written by your team to ensure your website emerges as an authority website in your particular niche. While writing blogs, you should use the long-tail and short-tail keywords. Furthermore, write unique descriptions and meta et al to avail the desired SEO benefits.

Final Thoughts

Writing quality blog posts and then improving their organic ranking is a time taking process. You should thus promote the blogs intensively in order to get maximum views through your readers’ attention. Make sure that your posts are being optimized for the SEO purposes. As and when you publish any post, keep the above mentioned tips under consideration. They will definitely prove helpful for you to make the posts popular.

High quality and well-researched posts always bring traffic to the websites. Such traffics can be easily converted into the paying customers. You can hire the professionals for this purpose to turn your posts popular. Such professional support will pave the way for a new dawn for your website to get noticed by everybody. Apart from blog writing, our creative SEO copywriting services also make us popular in the industry.

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